ACM ICN 2017, Berlin

4th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2017), Sep. 26-28, 2017

Call for Posters and Demos

The ICN poster and demo sessions are intended to showcase works-in-progress. Topics of interest are the same as those listed in the main track call for papers. We strongly encourage both student and industry submissions. Both demos and posters should be accompanied by a two-page extended abstract, which will be published in the conference proceedings.

We specifically encourage submissions of posters and demos that are accompanied with datasets. Such submissions will have a preferential treatment during the review and will be eligible for special awards. The aim is to collect and share datasets that can hopefully become a common ground for evaluation in the ICN community.

The posters and demos submitted to ACM ICN 2017 must be original and cannot be concurrently submitted to other workshops or conferences during the ACM ICN 2017 poster/demo review period. All dual submissions will be rejected without review.

Why should you submit a Poster or a Demo?

Presenting a poster is a great opportunity, especially for students, to obtain interesting and valuable feedback on ongoing research from a knowledgeable crowd at the conference. Accepted posters and demos will be published as a two-page abstract for the archived conference proceedings. Students who are submitting posters are highly encouraged to examine if they are eligible for student travel grants.

What To Submit

If you are submitting a poster, you must submit a two-page abstract in PDF format that describes your work. The abstract should clearly state: (a) the problem being addressed, (b) what makes this problem interesting, (c) your approach, and (d) the key contribution.

If you are submitting a demo, you must submit a three-page abstract (two-page overview, one page demo requirements). The first two pages should clearly state: (a) the problem being addressed and why it is important, (b) the approach taken and the design of the demo, (c) the key contribution and (d) any special technical requirements. The third page of technical requirements should detail:

  • Equipment to be used for the demo
  • Space needed
  • Setup time required
  • Additional facilities needed, including power and any Internet access requirements

If demo is accepted, we strongly encourage that authors create a poster supporting the demo.

A demo should be self-contained and ideally interactive. Accepted demos will be given a table (6 feet by 30 inches), a power supply (220 - 240V Type F) and WiFi Internet access (NAT only) by default.

In both cases, acceptance will be primarily based on review of the submitted abstract.

Preparation of Abstracts

Prepare your abstracts using ACM SIGCOMM format. Word documents will not be accepted. The abstracts of accepted posters and demos will be available to all attendees at the conference.

It is highly encouraged that each demo proposal includes a video clip showcasing the work, in addition to the abstract. The video should be no more than 3 minutes and should give a good idea of what the demo is about and what it would look like. Including a video clip will help the committee better understand and evaluate your proposal.

Authors of accepted demos and posters will be encouraged to publish auxiliary material in the ACM Digital Library with their poster/demo (source code, packet traces, and so forth) to improve the reproducibility of their results. The auxiliary material does not need to be submitted but can be referenced in the submission.

Preparation of Posters

A poster should be of size 32 inches x 42 inches (this is between A0 and A1) in portrait mode. It should be visually appealing, portraying ideas primarily via diagrams rather than text. The poster will be displayed on easels. The organizers will supply the foam backing and a method to mount the posters to the foam backing

Where to Submit

Abstracts for posters and demos should be submitted via the ICN 2017 Posters and Demos submission website. Submissions are single blind, so please include authors’ names and affiliation.

Important Dates

  • July 9, 2017 12am EDT
    July 23, 2017 11:59pm EDT

    Submissions deadline

  • July 31, 2017
    August 10, 2017

    Acceptance Notification

  • August 21, 2017

    Camera Ready Due


  • Demo/Poster Chairs
  • Alexander Afanasyev

    UCLA, US

  • Jussi Kangasharju

    University of Helsinki, FI

  • Demo/Poster Program Committee
  • Muhammad Husain Abdullahi Sabet

    Shahid Beheshti University

  • Sripriya Adhatarao

    University of Goettingen

  • Aytac Azgin

    Huawei Research

  • Emmanuel Baccelli


  • Hila Ben Abraham

    Washington University in St. Louis

  • Gennaro Boggia

    Politecnico di Bari

  • Thibault Cholez

    Université de lorraine

  • Daniel Corujo


  • Paul Duggan

    Trinity College Dublin

  • Yehia Elkhatib

    Lancaster University

  • Marcel Enguehard

    Cisco Systems

  • Toru Hasegawa

    Osaka University

  • Volker Hilt

    Nokia Bell Labs

  • Dohyung Kim

    Sungkyunkwan University

  • Yuki Koizumi

    Osaka University

  • Zhenyu Li


  • Lei Liu

    Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.

  • Zhi Liu

    Waseda University

  • Daisuke Matsubara


  • Satoshi Ohzahata

    The University of Electro-Communications

  • Davide Pesavento

    Université Pierre et Marie Curie

  • George Petropoulos

    Intracom Telecom

  • Anders Plymoth

    TelHoc AB

  • Ioannis Psaras


  • Abinesh Ramakrishnan


  • Ravi Ravindran


  • Jonnahtan Saltarin

    University of Bern

  • Arjuna Sathiaseelan

    University of Cambridge

  • Thomas C. Schmidt

    HAW Hamburg

  • Wentao Shang


  • Susmit Shannigrahi

    Colorado State University

  • Thomas Silverston


  • Kohei Sugiyama


  • Eum Suyong

    Osaka University

  • Michele Tortelli

    Telecom ParisTech

  • Dirk Trossen

    InterDigital Europe Ltd

  • Liang Wang

    University of Cambridge

  • Greg White


  • Bastiaan Wissingh

    TNO Netherlands

  • Fan Wu

    Central South University

  • Qinghua Wu

    ICT, CAS

  • George Xylomenos

    Athens University of Economics and Business

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