Paper Submission Guidelines

ACM CoNEXT 2009 requires that papers not be submitted simultaneously to any other conference or publication, and that submissions not be previously published. Authors of accepted papers will need to sign an ACM copyright release form. Electronic copies of the camera-ready papers will be published on the conference web site before the conference, unless authors specifically request that this not be done.

To submit papers to the ACM CoNEXT 2009 conference, please read the formatting guidelines provided on this page and make sure that your submission complies with these requirements. Then go to the paper submission site and:

These are hard deadlines and no extensions will be given.
In case of problems with the paper submission site, please contact Professor Keshav.

Formatting Guidelines

All submissions must adhere to the format and size constraints indicated below. Your goal as an author is to produce a concise submission within these constraints. Please refrain from exceeding these limits. Longer submissions and/or papers with modified margins or fonts will not be reviewed.

We use an automatic tool to verify that your submitted paper does not violate the following guidelines. This automated DF-checker tool is integrated into our web conference management system. After you upload your paper, you can use it yourself. The tool will tell you whether or not you pass a variety of checks. If you fail the basic tests, please correct your paper and upload a new version. This tool will be used as a guideline to identify non-conforming papers. No paper will be rejected due to format violations without being hand checked first.