List of Accepted Papers

We are pleased to announce that the following papers have been accepted for HotNets 2021.
(Note that some papers are conditionally accepted pending shepherd approval.)

Zero-CPU Collection with Direct Telemetry Access
Jonatan Langlet (Queen Mary University of London); Ran Ben-Basat (University College London); Sivaramakrishnan Ramanathan (University of Southern California); Gabriele Oliaro, Michael Mitzenmacher, and Minlan Yu (Harvard University); Gianni Antichi (Queen Mary University of London)
In-situ Programmable Switching using rP4: Towards Runtime Data Plane Programmability
Yong Feng (Tsinghua University); Haoyu Song (Futurewei Technologies); Jiahao Li, Zhikang Chen, Wenquan Xu, and Bin Liu (Tsinghua University)
Switches are Scanners Too! A Fast and Scalable In-Network Scanner with Programmable Switches
Guanyu Li (Tsinghua University); Menghao Zhang (Tsinghua University; Kuaishou Technology); Cheng Guo, Han Bao, and Mingwei Xu (Tsinghua University); Hongxin Hu (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
How Complex is DNS?
Siva Kesava Reddy Kakarla (UCLA); Ryan Beckett (Microsoft Research); Todd Millstein and George Varghese (UCLA)
Stats 101 in P4: Towards In-Switch Anomaly Detection
Sam Gao, Mark Handley, and Stefano Vissicchio (University College London)
Towards an Internet Traffic Map
Thomas Koch, Weifan Jiang, and Tao Luo (Columbia University); Petros Gigis (University College London); Kévin Vermeulen (Columbia University); Emile Aben (RIPE NCC); Matt Calder (Microsoft/Columbia University); Ethan Katz-Bassett (Columbia University); Lefteris Manassakis (FORTH-ICS); Georgios Smaragdakis (TU Delft); Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez (IMDEA Networks/ICSI)
Can WiFi Backscatter Achieve the Range of RFID? Nulling to the Rescue
Ali Abedi (University of Waterloo); Omid Abari (UCLA)
Interpretable Feedback for AutoML and a Proposal forDomain-customized AutoML for Networking
Behnaz Arzani and Kevin Hsieh (Microsoft Research); Haoxian Chen (University of Pennsylvania)
Do we want the New Old Internet? Towards Seamless and Protocol-Independent IoT Application Interoperability
Vadim Safronov, Justas Brazauskas, Matthew Danish, Rohit Verma, Ian Lewis, and Richard Mortier (University of Cambridge)
"Internet in Space" for Terrestrial Users via Cyber-Physical Convergence
Yuanjie Li, Hewu Li, Lixin Liu, Wei Liu, Jiayi Liu, Jianping Wu, Qian Wu, Jun Liu, and Zeqi Lai (Tsinghua University)
Rethinking Web for Affordability and Inclusion
Ihsan Ayyub Qazi, Zafar Ayyub Qazi, Ayesha Ali, Muhammad Abdullah, and Rumaisa Habib (LUMS)
A Vision for Runtime Programmable Networks
Jiarong Xing, Yiming Qiu, Kuo-Feng Hsu, and Hongyi Liu (Rice University); Matty Kadosh and Alan Lo (Nvidia); Aditya Akella (UT Austin); Thomas Anderson and Arvind Krishnamurthy (University of Washington); T. S. Eugene Ng and Ang Chen (Rice University)
Charon: A Framework for Microservice Overload Control
Jiali Xing, Henri Maxime Demoulin, Konstantinos Kallas, and Benjamin C. Lee (University of Pennsylvania)
Leveraging Service Meshes as a New Network Layer
Sachin Ashok (UIUC); Philip Brighten Godfrey (UIUC and VMware); Radhika Mittal (UIUC)
Watching the watchmen: Least privilege for managed network services
Guyue Liu (New York University Shanghai); Ao Li, Christopher Canel, and Vyas Sekar (Carnegie Mellon University)
Counterfeiting Congestion Control Algorithms
Margarida Ferreira (INESC-ID/IST, Carnegie Mellon University); Akshay Narayan (MIT CSAIL); Ines Lynce (INESC-ID/IST, Universidade de Lisboa); Ruben Martins and Justine Sherry (Carnegie Mellon University)
TCP is Harmful to In-Network Computing: Designing a Message Transport Protocol (MTP)
Brent E. Stephens (University of Utah); Darius Grassi and Hamidreza Almasi (University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)); Tao Ji (UT Austin); Balajee Vamanan (University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)); Aditya Akella (UT Austin)
Designing for Tussle in Encrypted DNS
Austin Hounsel (Princeton University); Paul Schmitt (USC/ISI); Kevin Borgolte (Ruhr University Bochum); Nick Feamster (University of Chicago)
MXDAG: A Hybrid Abstraction for Emerging Applications
Weitao Wang, Sushovan Das, Xinyu Crystal Wu, Zhuang Wang, Ang Chen, and T.S. Eugene Ng (Rice University)
Towards 6G and Beyond: Smarten Everything with Metamorphic Surfaces
R. Ivan Zelaya, Ruichun Ma, and Wenjun Hu (Yale University)
Packets as Persistent In-Memory Data Structures
Michio Honda (University of Edinburgh)
Immunizing Systems from Distant Failures by Limiting Lamport Exposure
Cristina Basescu and Bryan Ford (EPFL)
Securing battery-free backscatter tags through fingerprinting
Revathy Narayanan, Ambuj Varshney, and Panos Papadimitratos (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Don't Let RPCs Constrain Your API
Daniel Bittman (UC Santa Cruz); Robert Soulé (Yale University); Ethan Miller (University of California, Santa Cruz / Pure Storage); Vishal Shrivastav (Purdue University); Pankaj Mehra (IEEE Member); Matthew Boisvert (UC Santa Cruz); Avi Silberschatz (Yale University); Peter Alvaro (UC Santa Cruz)
Towards a Cost vs. Quality Sweet Spot for Monitoring Networks
Nofel Yaseen (University of Pennsylvania); Behnaz Arzani, Krishna Chintalapudi, Vaishnavi Ranganathan, Felipe Vieira Frujeri, and Kevin Hsieh (Microsoft Research); Daniel S. Berger (Microsoft Research & University of Washington); Vincent Liu (University of Pennsylvania); Srikanth Kandula (Microsoft Research)
Faure: A Partial Approach to Network Analysis
Fangping Lan, Bin Gui, and Anduo Wang (Temple University)
Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Safety and Utility in Multi-Agent Congestion Control
Pratiksha Thaker (Stanford University); Matei Zaharia (Stanford University and Databricks); Tatsunori Hashimoto (Stanford University)
Snicket: Query-Driven Distributed Tracing
Jessica Berg, Fabian Ruffy, Khanh Nguyen, Nicholas Yang, Taegyun Kim, and Anirudh Sivaraman (New York University); Ravi Netravali (Princeton University); Srinivas Narayana (Rutgers University)
Redesigning Data Centers for Renewable Energy
Anup Agarwal (Carnegie Mellon University); Jinghan Sun (UIUC); Shadi Noghabi (Microsoft Research); Srinivasan Iyengar (Microsoft Research India); Anirudh Badam and Ranveer Chandra (Microsoft); Srinivasan Seshan (Carnegie Mellon University); Shivkumar Kalyanaraman (Microsoft)
Don't You Worry 'Bout a Packet: Unified Programming for In-Network Computing
George Karlos, Henri Bal, and Lin Wang (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Innovating Multi-user Volumetric Video Streaming through Cross-layer Design
Ding Zhang, Bo Han, and Parth Pathak (George Mason University); Haoliang Wang (Adobe Research)