Instructions for IMC 2004 Student Travel Grant Applicants

  1. Required Documents: Send together in a single email to (1) a resume (2) a short (1 or 2 paragraph) supporting statement, and (3) a letter from your advisor (or a faculty contact if you do not yet have an advisor; this letter can be sent separately if your advisor/contact prefers). If you will be unable to attend IMC without a travel grant, please explain why this is the case.

    Note that preference is given to students from institutions not traditionally represented at IMC.

  2. Use of Conference Hotel Mandatory: Note that student grant recipients are required to stay at the IMC conference hotel, as in general IMC incurs a significant financial penalty if the conference does not meet its minimum room block at the conference hotel.

  3. You must be a student at the time of attending IMC 2004 to qualify for a travel grant.

  4. August 2, 2004, 11PM EDT, is the HARD deadline. Late applications will NOT be considered. Email applications to Resume should be in ASCII, PDF or Postscript only. Supporting statement and advisor's (short) letter should be in ASCII only.

    Decision notification will be sent out by August 16, 2004.

  5. Stipends are issued by check drawn on a US bank. We will not be able to cash your check at the conference. Please be sure you will be able to make arrangements to cash the check on your own. We suggest you contact your bank for assistance.

  6. Please provide complete contact information. We will need to have your current mailing address and, for students at U.S. institutions, your Social Security number, so that if you receive a stipend, your check will reach you in a timely manner. (Please take into account any address changes you may have near the time of the stipend deadline, for example due to school breaks.) You will be notified via email, so make sure your email address is correct on your application.

  7. The stipend will be a single cash amount. The expectation will be that it will significantly offset air fare, shared hotel accommodation, and registration. It may not fully cover these since our desire is to maximize participation by students.

  8. The decision on student travel grant is made by the IMC Steering Committee; all decisions are final.

  9. We are indebted to the various sponsoring organizations of IMC 2004: Cisco, the National Science Foundation, IBM Research, Intel Research Cambridge, Microsoft Research, and USENIX, for their generous contributions that have enabled us to give student travel grants and keep registration affordable.