Workshop on Middleware

Session Summary

Naming and Addressing

Coordinator: Larry Masinter (XEROX)


Scribe: Lewis & Bienvenido

The session on Naming started with a 'Quiz'; a set of questions about naming. The request was that everyone should answer 'yes', 'no', or `it depends', and, if `it depends' then to answer "what does it depend on, and how?"

The session was supposed to start with some assumptions:

  1. It is necessary to have objects that refer to other objects, services, locations, individuals in a way that allows binding (of information-about and access-to) by name alone.
  2. Binding must be fast.
  3. Name assignment and binding services are a fundamental part of 'middleware'.
  4. Fewer naming and binding systems are better than many, as long as they meet requirements.
Here are the questions:

The discussion was wide-ranging, but the notes on this session are sketchy. If you have additional comments on these issues, please send them to

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