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Computing and Networking Facilities

The computing facilities are located in the Oscar room on the second floor above Vinterträdgården (the main conference hall).

There are Ethernet TP drops for portable computers. Address and name server configuration are obtained using DHCP.

Stationary PC:s
We provide 10 stationary computers running FreeBSD (9) and Windows (1). They have a Netscape browser, secure shell and various Kerberos clients installed.

Wireless LAN
We provide IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN base stations with coverage in all the conference rooms that we are using and also in many other places of the Grand Hotel. The base stations are Lucent WaveLAN 802.11b (11 Mbit/s) which use the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) variant of 802.11.
You must have brought your own network adapter card to use the wireless network.
Address and name server configuration are obtained using DHCP. The wireless LAN name may in addition be necessary to manually configure in your wireless LAN driver.

There is a laser printer in the Oscar room. The name of the printer spooler is printer.sigcomm.sics.se. The printer queue is named gary.

Mail relay
The outgoing mail relay server is named mail.sigcomm.sics.se.

If you need any assistance, please ask the SIGCOMM staff in the Oscar room. If there is none present, please see the information posted in Oscar.

The Internet access is provided by Telia. Telia
Networking equipment, PC:s and corresponding support is provided by Net Insight. netinsight
Wireless LAN equipment is provided by Lucent. Lucent