Outrageous Opinions Session:
International Scientist

This year the Outrageous Opinions, the most important session of SIGCOMM, will take place as an "American Idol" type of competition. Pop (or pulp) culture could not but affect even science. Hence, the first ACM International Scientist competition is born. Note that the "American" had to go, given that participants are from all over the world.

We encourage talanted (or not) participants to present previously unpublished work and half baked ideas.  Topics of interest may or may not include:
  • Things you could do if computers were invisible
  • Novel applications that can change the way we think about life, the universe, and everything
  • Disruptive technologies: how to annoy colleagues with constant interruptions
  • Identification of the main reasons of why things do not always come your way
  • Novel problems you would not have if you were a millionaire
  • Large scale complaining about little things

A commitee will provide them feedback on how they can improve their work. The committee may assign points, which will most likely will not have any importance whatsoever. The committee may select three or more participants as winners through a vague process. The committee may also decide to award itself solely. It is a cruel world, after all.  However, participants that do well will most likely get lucrative deals from major institutions, publishing companies, tv channels, fashion houses and NSF.

Participants are highly encouraged to declare their intention to participate via email or personal communication to Shawn Ostermann or  Mr. Michalis Faloutsos. On-site registration will cost an exta $10 payable to the OO session organizer in under-the-table cash or gold. In case of an overwhelming response, we may have to limit the number of participants in a first come first serve fashion.

Last Modified: February 11, 2004