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Call for Papers
News - 06 Sep. 2006: Directions and Local info pages updated
News - 31 Aug. 2006: Cancellation deadline extended to 6 september 2006
News - 30 Aug. 2006: Public Reviews and Paper Discussion Forum Online
Submissions for the main conference are now closed
Call for Papers

The SIGCOMM 2006 conference seeks papers describing significant research contributions to the field of computer and data communication networks. We invite submissions on network architecture, design, implementation, operations, analysis, measurement, and simulation.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis and design of network architectures and algorithms
  • Experimental and measurement results from operational networks
  • Fundamental insights into network and traffic characteristics
  • Network fault-tolerance and reliability, debugging, and troubleshooting
  • Network management and traffic engineering
  • Network security, vulnerability, and defenses
  • Network, transport, and application-layer protocols
  • Networking issues for Web, multimedia, and gaming applications
  • Operating system and other host support for networking
  • Peer-to-peer, overlay, and content distribution networks
  • Resource management, quality of service, and signaling
  • Routing, switching, and addressing
  • Tools and techniques for network measurement and simulation
  • Wireless, mobile, ad-hoc, and sensor networks

SIGCOMM 2006 solicits full papers up to 12 pages in length, in two-column ACM conference format. SIGCOMM is a selective conference where full papers typically report novel results firmly substantiated by experimentation, simulation, or analysis.
Submissions are now closed, but if you want to see the Paper Submission Guidelines you can go here.

We intend to publish public reviews of each accepted paper, to be written by the program committee. We also plan to host an open web discussion board for accepted papers prior to the conference.

As in previous years, SIGCOMM 2006 will have tutorials, workshops, a poster session, a student travel grant program, and a Student Paper Award.

The conference will begin with a keynote by the 2006 winner of the ACM SIGCOMM Award for lifetime contributions to the field of computer communication. Procedures for nominating candidates for the SIGCOMM Award can be obtained from Ellen Zegura.

Important Dates
Registration Starts 17 june 2006
Hotel reservations see hotels page
Conference Dates 12-15 September 2006
Tutorial 11 September 2006
Workshops 11 and 15 September 2006

Please note that notifications to authors will occur in "rolling" fashion; that is, authors may receive decisions anytime between the submission deadline and notification date.

Program Committee Chairs
Tom Anderson
Nick McKeown
Program Committee
Aditya Akella University of Wisconsin, Madison
Tom Anderson University of Washington
Hari Balakrishnan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dan Blumenthal University of California, Santa Barbara
Flavio Bonomi Cisco Systems
John Byers Boston University
John Chuang University of California, Berkeley
Mark Crovella Boston University
Jon Crowcroft University of Cambridge
Bruce Davie Cisco Systems
Christophe Diot Thomson, Paris
Constantine Dovrolis Georgia Institute of Technology
Peter Druschel MPI for Software Systems
Anja Feldmann Technical University Muenchen
Lixin Gao University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Albert Greenberg ATT Labs Research
Roch Guerin University of Pennsylvania
Mark Handley University College London
Ramesh Johari Stanford University
Brad Karp University College London
Dina Katabi Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jim Kurose University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Arnaud Legout INRIA
Steven Low California Institute of Technology
Ratul Mahajan Microsoft Research
Z. Morley Mao University of Michigan
Nick McKeown Stanford University
Vishal Misra Columbia University
Robert Morris Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dave Oran Cisco Systems
Jitendra Padhye Microsoft Research
Vern Paxson International Computer Science Institute
Adrian Perrig Carnegie Mellon University
Sylvia Ratnasamy Intel Research
Jennifer Rexford Princeton University
Antony Rowstron Microsoft Research
Srinivasan Seshan Carnegie Mellon University
Scott Shenker University of California, Berkeley
Emin Gün Sirer Cornell University
Alex Snoeren University of California, San Diego
George Varghese University of California, San Diego and Cisco Systems
Arun Venkataramani University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Paulo Verissimo University of Lisboa
Walter Willinger AT&T Labs-Research
Ellen Zegura Georgia Institute of Technology
Hui Zhang Carnegie Mellon University
Yin Zhang University of Texas, Austin

The ACM SIGCOMM 2006 conference would like to thank the following organizations for their support.