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News - 06 Sep. 2006: Directions and Local info pages updated
News - 31 Aug. 2006: Cancellation deadline extended to 6 september 2006
News - 30 Aug. 2006: Public Reviews and Paper Discussion Forum Online
Hotels addresses and hints for search

As announced, we have released our options on rooms on Aug.29th. At this time, we may still have some rooms available, but we cannot guarantee that requests can be satisfied.

At the bottom of this page you find links to a number of hotel booking services and hotel listings that may help you in making reservations for the sigcomm2006 conference. Also, you can access the sigcomm2006 hotel search and reservation service, which you will be able to use for your reservations. Finally, you might find useful a Googleearth Bookmark file with markers for various hotels and conference-related locations.

Remember that normally hotels make arrangements with different entities to manage their rooms, and fees and conditions also differ for the same hotel and room. Some rooms are available only from the hotel itself, some only through reservation services (some of which are linked below) or travel agencies, and some only through the conference reservation service (we have made arrangements of this kind with some hotels).

As a consequence, we encourage you to use the various links below to make your search and find an accommodation that suits you.

Search hints

The conference will be held at the Stazione Leopolda in Pisa, which you can see here, a 19th century station recently remodeled and used to host meetings, expositions etc. The Leopolda is located near the south bank of the Arno river, in the eastern part of downtown. Hotels are located in various areas of the town and surroundings, as follows (note that the actual transportation conditions change from place to place so take the comments below only as generic indications):

  • downtown hotels are mostly in the area of the Piazza dei Miracoli, which is 2-2.5km away from the conference location. There is a reasonable bus service even during the evening, and the walk is generally very pleasant.
  • the train station area is less than 1km from the conference area, it has a number of small 2- or 3- star hotels, plus one 4-star;
  • some newer and larger hotels (AC, Accademia Palace, Galilei) tend to be in more peripheral areas, between 2 and 4 km away. Connection to some of those hotels, at night, might require a bit of walk, or a cab or the hotel's shuttle.
  • There are several hotels on the coast (Tirrenia, Marina di Pisa) which are just 10-15km away and well connected through public transportation (till 11pm). Those might be interesting for those planning a holiday on the beach around the conference.
  • The countryside between Pisa and Lucca (San Giuliano, Calci, Lucca itself) is also a very nice and quiet area, where and the B&B and 'agriturismo' there abund. Transportation to those places is generally more limited, especially at night, and you may be better off if you have your own car.
When looking for a hotel, please watch out for the following details:
  • Please double check whether rates include breakfast, taxes, and reservation fees. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Also note that there is a per-person tax which is part of the room rate, so you are generally not allowed to have more people in your room than those specified in your reservation.
  • try to look both on the international and the italian pages. Sometimes the databases are not aligned, or even prices in different currencies are slightly different so you may find better deals in one or the other.
  • look at the location carefully. Some of the sites below will list as 'Pisa' hotels that are 20-30km away, possibly in the countryside - sometimes beautiful locations, but transportation might be an issue.
  • credit card policies differ. Some services only use your credit card in case of a no-show; other charge the full price of your booking at the time of the reservation.
  • Cancellation policies also differ a lot. Usually you will always be charged at least one night, though some service waive the fee if you cancel early enough.
  • Always bring with you a printout of your reservation, to deal with discrepancies between the price you negotiated, and the standard room price (which is generally much higher);

We have reserved some blocks of rooms for sigcomm attendees in various hotels in town, and they are available through the

sigcomm2006 hotel search service

Some other suitable links for searching and bookings, not managed by us are below:

  • comune di pisa a list of hotels from the City of Pisa website.
  • price listed in Euros, includes taxes;
  • price listed in USD, does not include tax (approx 15%);
  • price in Euros, includes tax;
  • price includes tax;
  • Guest houses and student dormsmostly run by public or non-profit organizations, some host students during the academic year but might have rooms available during the conference (e.g. the Casa della Giovane for female guests only). Look for the places in pisa, others are too far away.
  • SiToscana, offering rooms, B&B and apartments in the Calci area.
  • price listed does not include tax (approx 10%).
  • price includes tax, but reservations are not confirmed immediately;
  • meta-search site, points to other services;
  • saimicadove, a site with local B&B and other accommodations (in italian, but some of the links have an english version)

The ACM SIGCOMM 2006 conference would like to thank the following organizations for their support.