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News - 06 Sep. 2006: Directions and Local info pages updated
News - 31 Aug. 2006: Cancellation deadline extended to 6 september 2006
News - 30 Aug. 2006: Public Reviews and Paper Discussion Forum Online
ACM SIGCOMM 2006 Supporters Program
The SIGCOMM 2006 conference seeks support to cover the conference costs and offer better service to its participants. As in previous years, there are three standard contribution levels:
Bronze ($5k), Silver ($10k), Gold ($20K).
Contribution levels
Bronze level contributions ($5k) entitle the supporter to the following:
  • Logo on the SIGCOMM 2006 front web page, which is the main source of logistical and advance agenda information for SIGCOMM 2006 attendees.
  • Logo on the advance program notification. It will be mailed to about 8000 people.
  • Logo on the title page of the conference proceedings. The proceedings are handed out to attendees and a copy is mailed to all ACM SIGCOMM members. The distribution is about 4000.
  • Explicit "thank you" in the welcome address at the conference and in the Chair's Message printed in the front of the proceedings.
  • Opportunities to display brochures or leaflets on a table in the terminal room. The supporter is responsible for sending or bringing the brochures with them to the conference. The table is shared and each supporter can use up to two 8x11 spaces.
  • One complimentary registration for the conference.
Silver contributions ($10K) will entitle to the same benefits of bronze supporters, plus:
  • A total of two complimentary conference registrations;
  • Larger logos to reflect their relative contributions;
  • opportunity to support a specific event, with public thanks during the event they are sponsoring, and opportunity to display a banner with the contributor's name.
    Silver contributions can be applied towards one of the following events:
    • Opening reception at the conference hotel: SIGCOMM 2006 opens with a reception on Monday evening, before the start of the main technical program. The reception provides the first major opportunity for networking in a relaxed atmosphere.
    • Student dinner: SIGCOMM puts a lot of effort into attracting students to the conference by directly subsidizing their travel and by hosting events such as the student dinner, specifically designed to foster student interpersonal networking within the research community.
    • Outrageous opinion session: This is mostly a social event where conference attendees poke fun at the overall networking community and the topics it targets. Refreshments are served throughout the session.
    • Student work-in-progress poster session: During this session, students present their work in poster form. This event provides a venue for the rising star students to get early visibility and feedback on their research ideas.
    • Support for the terminal room, Internet connectivity, wireless access, etc.
Gold level contributions ($20K) will entitle to all the benefits of Silver contributors, but are given the opportunity to support one of a few high profile conference events or activities such as:
  • The main conference Banquet that will be held on Thursday evening. The Banquet can be supported for only $20k - roughly half of the actual cost of the event. The contributor's name will be prominently displayed at the banquet, i.e., through a banner, and acknowledged explicitly.
  • There are several different options for student travel and registration grants. The total conference subsidy to students is likely to be in excess of $40,000. These are the very people who will be driving the next step in the evolving Internet. In previous years, we have typically had a single supporter, often a government funding agency such as NSF, carrying the lion's share of the student expenses. We are still pursuing this option, but this year we are also seeking other corporate supporters.

The ACM SIGCOMM 2006 conference would like to thank the following organizations for their support.