The programme will follow a similar format to last year with each session consisting of a series of brief uninterrupted presentations followed by questions to a panel consisting of the presenters, to stimulate lively discussion among workshop participants.

To encourage this, timings will be strictly enforced by programme chairs and are as follows:

The panel following each session will be 20 minutes.

welcome (09.00 - 09.05)

Operations Support (09.05 - 10.35)

Automatic discovery of relationships across multiple network layers Andrew Turner; Hyong Kim; Tina Wong
Testing the reachability of (new) address space Randy Bush; James Hiebert; Olaf Maennel; Matthew Roughan; Steve Uhlig
Towards Automated Network Management: Network Operations using Dynamic Views Xu Chen; Z. Morley Mao; Kobus van der Merwe
Intent-based Analysis of Network-wide Routing Policy Configuration
[short paper]
Kyriaki Levanti; Hyong Kim; Tina Wong

tea/coffee (10.35 - 11.05)

Applications (11.05 - 12.25)

Using Mini-Flash Crowds to Infer Resource Constraints in Remote Web Servers Pratap Ramamurthy; Vyas Sekar; Aditya Akella; Balachander Krishnamurthy; Anees Shaikh
Call Routing Management in Enterprise VoIP Networks Kunwadee Sripanidkulchai; Zon-yin Shae; Debanjan Saha
Live Data Center Migration across WANs: A Robust Cooperative Context Aware Approach K. Ramakrishnan; Prashant Shenoy; Kobus van der Merwe

lunch (12.25 - 13.25)

Routing (13.25 - 14.55)

IP Fast Reroute with Failure Inferencing Junling Wang; Srihari Nelakuditi
slides (ppt) slides (pdf)
On Guidelines for Safe Route Redistributions Franck Le; Geoffrey Xie
How can Multi-Topology routing be used for intradomain Traffic Engineering? Amund Kvalbein; Olav Lysne
Morpheus: Making Routing Programmable
[short paper]
Yi Wang; Ioannis Avramopoulos; Jennifer Rexford

tea/coffee (14.55 - 15.25)

Measurement (15.25 - 16.55)

Towards Real-Time Performance Monitoring for Encrypted Traffic Mehdi Kharrazi; Subhabrata Sen; Oliver Spatscheck
Bottleneck discovery and overlay management in network coded peer-to-peer systems Mahdi Jafarisiavoshani; Christina Fragouli; Suhas Diggavi; Christos Gkantsidis
Lightweight Application Classification for Network Management Hongbo Jiang; Andrew Moore; Zihui Ge; Shudong Jin; Jia Wang
Characterizing VLAN usage in an Operational Campus Network
[short paper]
Prashant Garimella; Yu-Wei Sung; Nan Zhang; Sanjay Rao

farewell (16.55 - 1700)