Tentative List of Accepted Papers

Tentative list of accepted papers for SIGCOMM 2010 Main Conference:

  1. "Privacy-preserving P2P data sharing with OneSwarm"
    Tomas Isdal (University of Washington), Michael Piatek (University of Washington), Arvind Krishnamurthy (University of Washington), Thomas Anderson (University of Washington)

  2. "Scalable Flow-Based Networking with DIFANE"
    Minlan Yu (Princeton University), Jennifer Rexford (Princeton University), Michael J. Freedman (Princeton University), Jia Wang (AT&T)

  3. "SwitchBlade: A Platform for Rapid Deployment of Network Protocols on Programmable Hardware"
    Muhammad Bilal Anwer (Georgia Institute of Technology), Nick Feamster (Georgia Institute of Technology), Murtaza Motiwala (Georgia Institute of Technology), Mukarram bin Tariq (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  4. "DONAR: Decentralized Server Selection for Cloud Services"
    Patrick Wendell (Princeton University), Joe Wenjie Jiang (Princeton University), Michael J. Freedman (Princeton University), Jennifer Rexford (Princeton University)

  5. "Generic and Automatic Address Configuration for Data Center Networks"
    Kai Chen (Northwestern University), Chuanxiong Guo (MSRA), Haitao Wu (MSRA), Jing Yuan (Tsinghua University), Zhenqian Feng (MSRA), Yan Chen (Northwestern University), Songwu Lu (UCLA), Wenfei Wu (MSRA)

  6. "Fine-grained Channel Access in Wireless LAN"
    Kun Tan (Microsoft Research Asia), Ji Fang (Microsoft Research Asia), Yuanyang Zhang (Microsoft Research Asia), Shouyuan Chen (Microsoft Research Asia), Lixin Shi (Microsoft Research Asia), Jiansong Zhang (Microsoft Research Asia), Yongguang Zhang (Microsoft Research Asia)

  7. "Efficient Error Estimating Coding: Feasibility and Applications"
    Binbin Chen (National University of Singapore), Ziling Zhou (National University of Singapore), Yuda Zhao (National University of Singapore), Haifeng Yu (National University of Singapore)

  8. "Symbiotic Routing in Future Data Centers"
    Hussam Abu-Libdeh (Cornell University), Paolo Costa (Microsoft Research Cambridge), Antony Rowstron (Microsoft Research Cambridge), Greg O'Shea (Microsoft Research Cambridge), Austin Donnelly (Microsoft Research Cambridge)

  9. "Internet Inter-Domain Traffic"
    Craig Labovitz (Arbor Networks), Scott Iekel-Johnson (Arbor Networks), Danny McPherson (Arbor Networks), Jon Oberheide (University of Michigan), Farnam Jahanian (University of Michigan)

  10. "Detecting the Performance Impact of Upgrades in Large Operational Networks"
    Ajay Mahimkar (University of Texas at Austin), Han Hee Song (University of Texas at Austin), Zihui Ge (AT&T Labs - Research), Aman Shaikh (AT&T Labs - Research), Jia Wang (AT&T Labs - Research), Jennifer Yates (AT&T Labs - Research), Yin Zhang (University of Texas at Austin), Joanne Emmons (AT&T)

  11. "R3: Resilient Routing Reconfiguration"
    Ye Wang (Yale), Hao Wang (Google), Ajay Mahimkar (UT Austin), Richard Alimi (Yale), Yin Zhang (UT Austin), Lili Qiu (UT Austin), Y. Richard Yang (Yale)

  12. "Cloudward Bound: Planning for Beneficial Migration of Enterprise Applications to the Cloud"
    Mohammad Hajjat (Purdue University), Xin Sun (Purdue University), Yu-Wei Eric Sung (Purdue University), David Maltz (Microsoft Research), Sanjay Rao (Purdue University), Kunwadee Sripanidkulchai (IBM Research), Mohit Tawarmalani (Purdue University)

  13. "How Secure are Secure Interdomain Routing Protocols?"
    Sharon Goldberg (Microsoft Research, New England), Michael Schapira (Yale University), Peter Hummon (Princeton University), Jennifer Rexford (Princeton University)

  14. "Not All Microseconds Are Equal: Enabling Per-Flow Measurements With Reference Latency Interpolation"
    Myungjin Lee (Purdue University), Nick G. Duffield (AT&T Labs -- Research), Ramana Rao Kompella (Purdue University)

  15. "Crowdsourcing Service-Level Network Event Monitoring"
    David Choffnes (Northwestern University), Fabian Bustamante (Northwestern University), Zihui Ge (AT&T Labs - Research)

  16. "Data Center TCP (DCTCP)"
    Mohammad Alizadeh (Stanford University), Albert Greenberg (Microsoft Research), Dave Maltz (Microsoft Research), Jitu Padhye (Microsoft Research), Parveen Patel (Microsoft Research), Balaji Prabhakar (Stanford University), Sudipta Sengupta (Microsoft Research), Murari Sridharan (Microsoft Research)

  17. "Design and Implementation of an "Approximate'' Communication System for Wireless Media Applications"
    Sayandeep Sen (University of Wisconsin Madison), Syed Gilani (University of Wisconsin Madison), Shreesha Srinath (University of Wisconsin Madison), Steve Schmitt (University of Wisconsin Madison), Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin Madison)

  18. "An Analysis of Social Network-based Sybil Defenses"
    Bimal Viswanath (MPI-SWS, Saarbruecken, Germany), Ansley Post (MPI-SWS, Saarbruecken, Germany), Krishna P. Gummadi (MPI-SWS, Saarbruecken, Germany), Alan Mislove (Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA)

  19. "The Little Engine(s) that Could: Scaling Online Social Networks"
    Josep M. Pujol (Telefonica Research), Vijay Erramilli (Telefonica Research), Georgos Siganos (Telefonica Research), Xiaoyuan Yang (Telefonica Research), Nikolaos Laoutaris (Telefonica Research), Parminder Chhabra (Telefonica Research), Pablo Rodriguez (Telefonica Research)

  20. "Theory and New Primitives for Safely Connecting Routing Protocol Instances"
    Franck Le (Carnegie Mellon University), Geoffrey Xie (Naval Postgraduate School), Hui Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University)

  21. "Differentially-Private Network Trace Analysis"
    Frank McSherry (Microsoft Research), Ratul Mahajan (Microsoft Research)

  22. "NetFence: Preventing Internet Denial of Service from Inside Out"
    Xin Liu (Duke University), Xiaowei Yang (Duke University), Yong Xia (NEC Labs China)

  23. "Predictable 802.11 Packet Delivery From Wireless Channel Measurements"
    Daniel Halperin (University of Washington), Wenjun Hu (University of Washington), Anmol Sheth (Intel Labs Seattle), David Wetherall (University of Washington)

  24. "Understanding Block-level Address Usage in the Visible Internet"
    Xue Cai (USC/Information Sciences Institute), John Heidemann (USC/Information Sciences Institute)

  25. "c-Through: Part-time Optics in Data Centers"
    Guohui Wang (Rice University), David G. Andersen (Carnegie Mellon University), Michael Kaminsky (Intel Labs Pittsburgh), Konstantina Papagiannaki (Intel Labs Pittsburgh), T. S. Eugene Ng (Rice University), Michael Kozuch (Intel Labs Pittsburgh), Michael Ryan (Intel Labs Pittsburgh)

  26. "ASTUTE: Detecting a Different Class of Traffic Anomalies"
    Fernando Silveira (Thomson and UPMC), Christophe Diot (Thomson), Nina Taft (Intel Labs), Ramesh Govindan (University of Southern California)

  27. "Encrypting the Internet"
    Xiaozhu Kang (Intel Corp.), Michael Kounavis (Intel Corp.), Ken Grewal (Intel Corp.), Mathew Eszenyi (Intel Corp.), Shay Gueron (Intel Corp.), David Durham (Intel Corp.)

  28. "California Fault Lines: Understanding the Causes and Impact of Network Failures"
    Daniel Turner (UCSD), Kirill Levchenko (UCSD), Alex C. Snoeren (UCSD), Stefan Savage (UCSD)

  29. "NetShield: Massive Semantics-based Vulnerability Signature Matching for High-speed Networks"
    Zhichun Li (Northwestern University), Gao Xia (Tsinghua University), Hongyu Gao (Northwestern University), Tang Yi (Tsinghua University), Yan Chen (Northwestern University), Bin Liu (Tsinghua University), Junchen Jiang (Tsinghua University), Yuezhou Lv (Tsinghua University)

  30. "SourceSync: A Cooperative Wireless Architecture for Exploiting Sender Diversity"
    Hariharan Rahul (MIT CSAIL), Haitham Hassanieh (MIT CSAIL), Dina Katabi (MIT CSAIL)

  31. "PacketShader: a GPU-Accelerated Software Router"
    Sangjin Han (KAIST), Keon Jang (KAIST), KyoungSoo Park (KAIST), Sue Moon (KAIST)

  32. "EffiCuts: Optimizing Packet Classification for Memory and Throughput"
    Balajee Vamanan (Purdue), Gwendolyn Voskuilen (Purdue), T. N. Vijaykumar (Purdue)

  33. "Helios: A Hybrid Electrical/Optical Switch Architecture for Modular Data Centers"
    Nathan Farrington (UC San Diego), George Porter (UC San Diego), Sivasankar Radhakrishnan (UC San Diego), Hamid Hajabdolali Bazzaz (UC San Diego), Vikram Subramanya (UC San Diego), Yeshaiahu Fainman (UC San Diego), George Papen (UC San Diego), Amin Vahdat (UC San Diego)