ACM SIGCOMM 2015, London, UK
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Industrial Demo Program

  • Thursday - August 20

  • 2:35pm - 4pm Posters, industrial demos, and Best of CCR (includes coffee break from 3pm-3:30pm)

  • OpenEPC- Unifying the Core Networks

    Kartikeswar Koppula (Core Network Dynamics GmbH)

  • Azure Cloud Switch - Commodity switch software stack for data center networks

    Guohan Lu (Microsoft) Lihua Yuan (Microsoft) Jiaxin Cao (Microsoft) Dave Maltz (Microsoft)

  • Hive Streaming: Peer-Assisted Enterprise Video Streaming

    Roberto Roverso (Hive Streaming) Mikael Högqvist (Hive Streaming)

  • Network Polygraph: A Cloud-based Network Visibility Service

    Pere Barlet-Ros ( Josep Sanjuas ( Valentín Carela-Español (

  • Open Virtual Network: Native Virtual Networking for Open vSwitch

    Bruce Davie (VMware) Justin Petit (VMware) Ben Pfaff (VMware)

  • Network Considerations for Netflix Video Streaming Service

    Te-Yuan (TY) Huang (Netflix Inc.) Maria Kazandjieva (Netflix Inc.) Matthew Trunnell (Netflix Inc.) Athula Balachandran (Netflix Inc.) Zhi Li (Netflix Inc.) Laura Pruitt (Netflix Inc.)

  • End-to-end Storage QoS

    Hitesh Ballani (Microsoft Research) Richard Black (Microsoft Research) Thomas Karagiannis (Microsoft Research) Greg O'Shea (Microsoft Research) Antony Rowstron (Microsoft Research) Andy Slowey (Microsoft Research) Tom Talpey (Microsoft) Eno Thereska (Microsoft Research)

  • SDN-IP peering. A global SDN deployment

    Luca Prete (Open Networking Lab) Jonathan Hart (Open Networking Lab) Ali Al Shabibi (Open Networking Lab)

  • In-band Network Telemetry via Programmable Dataplanes

    Changhoon Kim (Barefoot Networks) Anirudh Sivaraman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Naga Katta (Princeton University) Antonin Bas (Barefoot Networks) Advait Dixit (Barefoot Networks) Lawrence J Wobker (Barefoot Networks)

  • Multimedia Measurements as a Service

    Varun Singh ( Jörg Ott ( Marcin Nagy ( Shaohong Li (

  • Predictable, deterministic and low latency, end to end

    Matthew P. Grosvenor (Exablaze) Joshua Rose (Exablaze) David Mann (Exablaze)