SIGCOMM Posters and Demos '17- Proceedings of the SIGCOMM Posters and Demos

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SESSION: SDN & Routing

Boosting the BGP Convergence in SDXes with SWIFT

Automatic Custom Generation of Topologies and Configuration of Routing protocols in SDN

Privacy-Preserving Detection of Inter-Domain SDN Rules Overlaps

Quick Incremental Routing Logic for Dynamic Network Graphs

Gather: A Way to Optimize the Routing Process of In-band Control Network

SESSION: SDN & Data Centers, Enterprise Networks

SDN/NFV-enabled Security Architecture for Fine-grained Policy Enforcement and Threat Mitigation for Enterprise Networks

HERO: A Hybrid Electrical and Optical Multicast for Accelerating High-Performance Data Center Applications


Cooperative Active Distribution of Videos in Telco-CDNs

Enhancing Mobile Video Delivery over an Heterogeneous Network Access with Information-Centric Networking

A Case for Information Centric Networking For Smart Grid Communications

SESSION: Network monitoring and diagnosis

Towards Zero Copy Dataflows using RDMA

uniprof: A Unikernel Stack Profiler

SymPerf: Predicting Network Function Performance

Network Data Monetization Using Net2Vec

Closing the Network Diagnostics Gap with Vigil

SESSION: Measurement

Demystifying Hardware Bottlenecks in Mobile Web Quality of Experience

Ruru: High-speed, Flow-level Latency Measurement and Visualization of Live Internet Traffic

AS Hegemony: A Robust Metric for AS Centrality

The Implications of Twitterbot Generated Data Traffic on Networked Systems

Characterizing the Click and Share Dynamics of Micro-Videos in Social Media

Demonstration of the Marple System for Network Performance Monitoring


LDplayer: DNS Experimentation at Scale

The Root Canary: Monitoring and Measuring the DNSSEC Root Key Rollover

TIDE: Threat Identification Using Active DNS Measurements

SESSION: Security and privacy

Authentication-Bypass Vulnerabilities in SOHO Routers

A Demonstration of the DeDoS Platform for Defusing Asymmetric DDoS Attacks in Data Centers

DPS-Discuss: Demonstrating Decentralized, Pseudonymous, Sybil-resistant Communication

Towards Distributed Threat Intelligence in Real-Time

SESSION: Congestion control and avoidance

WVCC: Weighted Virtual Congestion Control for Datacenter Networks

3D Fabric: Differential Deceleration and Detour for Congestion Free Data Center Networks

Rethinking TCP Throughput and Latency Modeling

TCP Proxy Bypass: All the Gain with No Pain!


HARMLESS: Cost-Effective Transitioning to SDN

Network-Assisted Raft Consensus Algorithm

Making the Data Plane Ready for NFV: An Effective Way of Handling Resources


ClickP4: Towards Modular Programming of P4

Sandboxing Data Plane Programs for Fun and Profit

NS4: A P4-driven Network Simulator

CacheP4: A Behavior-level Caching Mechanism for P4

SESSION: Wireless, mobile, and sensor networks

Wi-Fi Goes to Town: Rapid Picocell Switching for Wireless Transit Networks

Deploy a 5G Network in Less Than 5 Minutes

Fine-grained RFID Localization via Ultra-wideband Emulation

Time Synchronization in a Network of Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons


Cognitive IoT Gateways: Automatic Task Sharing and Switching between Cloud and Edge/Fog Computing

Enabling Fine-Grained Edge Offloading for IoT

SESSION: Lookup & Matching

Use of Cuckoo Filters with VPP for Software IPv6 Routing Lookup

bitFA: A Novel Data Structure for Fast and Update-friendly Regular Expression Matching

SESSION: Hardware-assisted acceleration

Stateful Layer-4 Load Balancing in Switching ASICs

BLOP: Batch-Level Order Preserving for GPU-Accelerated Packet Processing

Is it a SmartNIC or a Key-Value Store?: Both!

FTGuard: A Priority-Aware Strategy Against the Flow Table Overflow Attack in SDN

Safeguarding VNF Credentials with Intel SGX