SIGCOMM '17- Proceedings of the Conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication

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SESSION: Programmable Devices

dRMT: Disaggregated Programmable Switching

SilkRoad: Making Stateful Layer-4 Load Balancing Fast and Cheap Using Switching ASICs

Re-architecting datacenter networks and stacks for low latency and high performance


NFP: Enabling Network Function Parallelism in NFV

Dynamic Service Chaining with Dysco

NFVnice: Dynamic Backpressure and Scheduling for NFV Service Chains

SESSION: Network Monitoring

Language-Directed Hardware Design for Network Performance Monitoring

Quantitative Network Monitoring with NetQRE

SketchVisor: Robust Network Measurement for Software Packet Processing

Constant Time Updates in Hierarchical Heavy Hitters

SESSION: Network Verification

A Formally Verified NAT

A General Approach to Network Configuration Verification

Pretzel: Email encryption and provider-supplied functions are compatible

SESSION: Up the Stack

The QUIC Transport Protocol: Design and Internet-Scale Deployment

Neural Adaptive Video Streaming with Pensieve

Disk|Crypt|Net: rethinking the stack for high-performance video streaming


DRILL: Micro Load Balancing for Low-latency Data Center Networks

Credit-Scheduled Delay-Bounded Congestion Control for Datacenters

Resilient Datacenter Load Balancing in the Wild

SESSION: DC Architecture

RotorNet: A Scalable, Low-complexity, Optical Datacenter Network

Beyond fat-trees without antennae, mirrors, and disco-balls

A Tale of Two Topologies: Exploring Convertible Data Center Network Architectures with Flat-tree

SESSION: Wireless

Empowering Low-Power Wide Area Networks in Urban Settings

Wi-Fi Goes to Town: Rapid Picocell Switching for Wireless Transit Networks

Drone Relays for Battery-Free Networks

A High Performance Packet Core for Next Generation Cellular Networks

SESSION: Realities

Understanding and Mitigating Packet Corruption in Data Center Networks

Who is Fiddling with Prices?: Building and Deploying a Watchdog Service for E-commerce

Vroom: Accelerating the Mobile Web with Server-Aided Dependency Resolution

Carousel: Scalable Traffic Shaping at End Hosts

SESSION: Peering

Engineering Egress with Edge Fabric: Steering Oceans of Content to the World

Taking the Edge off with Espresso: Scale, Reliability and Programmability for Global Internet Peering

Detecting Peering Infrastructure Outages in the Wild

SESSION: Routing

SWIFT: Predictive Fast Reroute

Bootstrapping evolvability for inter-domain routing with D-BGP

The Impact of Router Outages on the AS-level Internet