ACM SIGCOMM 2018, Budapest, Hungary

Bike to SIGCOMM 2018 from Bucharest

If you confuse Budapest with Bucharest, or just like cycling, consider to bike to SIGCOMM 2018 from the Romanian capital. Costin Raiciu is organizing a cycle ride from Bucharest to Budapest before SIGCOMM 2018. The team of cycling enthusiasts already includes multiple members of Costin’s Bucharest-based research group and SIGCOMM 2018 attendees flying from other countries.

Ride plan

The team plans to ride from Bucharest to Budapest for four days, covering the most scenic parts of Romania and Hungary. The group will have an assistance bus to ensure easy passage through boring plains and to cope with a variety of cycling levels.

Provisional route

Day 1 (Thursday, August 16): Transfăgărășan (Curtea de Argeș to Cârțișoara; distance: 110 km; altitude difference: 2,000 m) - sleep in Sibiu.

Day 2 (Friday, August 17): Transalpina (Sebeș to Rânca; distance: 115 km; altitude difference: 2,000 m) - sleep in Eselnita.

Day 3 (Saturday, August 18): Cazanele Dunării (Eselnita to Oravița; distance: 140 km; level) - sleep in Timișoara.

Day 4 (Sunday, August 19): Paks to Budapest along the Danube (on EuroVelo 6; distance: 100 km).

Joining the cycling team

If you want to join the cycling group, plan to arrive to Bucharest by Wednesday, August 15. The team will leave from Bucharest to Curtea de Argeș by the assistance bus in the morning of August 16 to start the first Transfăgărășan stage of the bike ride. If you are interested or would like to obtain more information, contact Costin Raiciu.