ACM SIGCOMM 2018, Budapest, Hungary

ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Workshop on Networking for Emerging Applications and Technologies (NEAT 2018)

Workshop Program

  • Monday, August 20, 2018, InterContinental

  • 8:50 am - 10:30 am Session I: Emerging Networking Methods and Solutions

    Location: TBA

  • 8:50 am-9:00am Opening

    Location: TBA

  • 9:00 am-9:40am

    Keynote: TBA

    Speaker: Prof. Aki Nakao

  • 9:40am-10:05 am

    Bridging the ICN Deployment Gap with IPoC: An IP-over-ICN protocol for 5G Networks

    Susmit Shannigrahi, Chengyu Fan (Colorado State University); Greg White (CableLabs)

  • 10:05am-10:30 am

    Data-driven Approaches to Edge Caching

    Guangyu Li, Qiang Shen, Yong Liu (NYU, USA); Houwei Cao (New York Institute of Technology, USA); Zifa Han, Feng Li, Jin Li (Huawei, China)

  • 10:30am - 11:00am Tea/Coffee Break (InterContinental Pre-Function Area)

  • 11:00am - 12:40pm Session II: Network Architectures for Emerging Technologies

    Session Chair: TBA

    Location: TBA

  • 11:00am - 11:25am

    FEC Killed The Cut-Through Switch

    Omer S. Sella, Andrew W. Moore, Noa Zilberman (Cambridge, UK)

  • 11:25pm - 11:50am

    A New Framework and Protocol for Future Networking Applications

    Richard Li, Alexander Clemm, Uma Chunduri, Lijun Dong, Kiran Makhijani (Huawei, USA)

  • 11:50am - 12:15pm

    Open Carrier Interface: An Open Source Edge Computing Framework

    Marc Koerner, Torsten M. Runge (ICS, USAI); Aurojit Panda (NYU and ICSI); Sylvia Ratnasamy (Berkeley, USA); Scott Shenker (Berkeley and ICSI, USA)

  • 12:15pm - 12:40pm

    A Distributed Core Network Architecture for 5G Systems and Beyond

    Shreyasee Mukherjee (WINLAB, Rutgers University, NJ); Ravishankar Ravindran (Huawei, USA); Dipankar Raychaudhuri (WINLAB, Rutgers University, NJ)

  • 12:40pm - 2:00pm Lunch Break (InterContinental Pre-Function Area)

  • 2:00pm - 3:15pm Session III: Dataplane Innovations

    Location: TBA

  • 2:00pm - 2:10pm Opening second half

  • 2:10pm - 2:50pm

    Keynote: TBA

    Speaker: Prof Rahim Tafazolli

  • 2:45pm - 3:15pm

    AIRCoN-Stack - Introducing Flexibility to Wireless Industrial Real-Time Applications

    Georg von Zengen, Keno Garlichs, Lars C. Wolf (Braunschweig, Germany)

  • 3:15pm - 3:45pm Tea/Coffee Break (InterContinental Pre-Function Area)

  • 3:45 pm - 4:35 pm Session III (cont'd)

    Location: TBA

  • 3:45pm - 4:10pm

    Fast network congestion detection and avoidance using P4

    Belma Turkovic, Fernando Kuipers (TU Delft); Niels van Adrichem (TNO); Koen Langendoen (TU Delft)

  • 4:10pm - 4:35pm

    Supporting Emerging Applications With Low-Latency Failover in P4

    Roshan Sedar (UCLouvain, Belgium); Michael Borokhovich (Independent Researcher); Marco Chiesa (KTH, Sweden); Gianni Antichi (Cambridge, UK); Stefan Schmid (Univie, Austria)

  • 4:35pm - 5:30pm Panel and Open Discussion

  • 4:35pm - 5:30pm

    State of the current Internet: Is it ready for new and emerging applications?

    Panelist: TBA

Call for Papers

This workshop aims to provide a forum for both industry and academia to exchange ideas about new network architectures, technologies and protocols specifically in the context of emerging applications such as those promised by 5G, with a particular focus on achieving accurate prescribed latency, high throughput, and meeting service level objectives in complex and large-scale networks. The goal is to explore possibilities beyond the traditional statistical multiplexing-based internet architecture, protocols, network resource allocation, control and packet scheduling in favor of new approaches such as deterministic packet delivery techniques, data-driven adaptation, in large scale networks, for emerging applications such as vehicular networks, tactile networks, industrial networks, and AR/VR media delivery. Participants will be able to share their viewpoints, the findings, the latest research, and their project descriptions and goals.

Topics of Interest

We solicit original, previously unpublished ideas on research/engineering work, position papers, and/or work-in-progress papers in the form of extended abstracts. We further encourage papers that propose new research directions or that could stimulate lively debate at the workshop. We invite submissions on a wide range of topics of interest, including, but not limited to:

  • New network architectures, technologies and protocols, evolutionary or disruptive, for future applications
  • Convergence and optimizations of protocols for industrial, tactile or vehicular networks
  • Techniques and solutions for deterministic services in industrial, tactile or vehicular networks
  • Network challenges and requirements for emerging, resource-sensitive applications
  • Architecture and protocols for ultra-reliable packet delivery at low latency
  • Mechanisms to maximize link utilization for high-throughput applications
  • Network security and privacy issues in Industrial and Tactile internet
  • Resource allocation mechanisms for deterministic and reliable data transmission
  • Architectures to enable edge computing and its seamless integration with remote clouds
  • New network resource allocation based on data-driven adaptation and machine learning
  • Quality of Services and Experience of Service guarantees: the key metrics that will allow future networks to meet industry demands

Submission Instructions

Submissions must be original, unpublished work, and not under consideration at another conference or journal. Submitted papers must be at most six (6) pages long, including all figures, tables, references, and appendices in two-column 10pt ACM format. Papers must include author’s names and affiliations for single-blind peer reviewing by the TPC. Authors of accepted papers are expected to present their papers at the workshop. Financial assistances will be provided to student authors to cover their travel expenses, with the specific process and policy being coordinated and approved by the organizers. The selected papers will be included in its proceedings and published in the ACM Digital Library.

Please submit your paper via

Authors Take Note

The official publication date is the date the proceedings are made available in the ACM Digital Library. This date may be up to TWO WEEKS prior to the first day of the conference. The official publication date affects the deadline for any patent filings related to published work.


Attendance of the workshop is by open registration and subject to the same registration fees and rules as all the other SIGCOMM 2018 workshops. The registrants of the workshop may freely attend any workshop on the same day.

Camera-ready instructions

For the final paper to be published, please refer to Camera-ready instructions for workshops.

Important Dates

  • August 20, 2018


  • Mid-June, 2018

    List of organization details

  • Mid-June, 2018

    Program available online

  • June 10, 2018

    Camera-ready deadline

  • May 14, 2018

    Paper acceptance notification

  • April 07, 2018

    Submission deadline (firm)


  • General Chairs
  • Jiasi Chen

    UCR, USA

  • Bingyang Liu

    Huawei, China

  • Kiran Makhijani

    Huawei, USA

  • Program Committee Chairs
  • Richard Li

    Huawei, USA

  • Dipankar Raychaudhuri

    Rutgers, USA

  • Program Committee Members
  • Francesco Bronzino

    Inria, France

  • Jiasi Chen

    UCR, USA

  • Sajal Das

    Missouri S&T, USA

  • Varun Gupta

    AT&T, USA

  • Mansoor Hanif

    BT, UK

  • Tao Huang

    BUPT, China

  • Rüdiger Kays

    TU Dortmund, Germany

  • Diego López

    Telefónica, Spain

  • Marie-José Montpetit

    TriangleVideo, USA

  • David Meyer

    Huawei, USA

  • Thomas Nadeau

    UMass Lowell, USA

  • Dave Oran

    Cisco, USA

  • Fabio Pianese

    Nokia, France

  • Yingzhen Qu

    Huawei, USA

  • Byrav Ramamurthy

    UNL, USA

  • Kevin Smith

    Vodafone, UK

  • Don Towsley

    UMass, USA

  • Yanyong Zhang

    Rutgers, USA

  • Steering Committee
  • Mansoor Hanif

    BT, UK

  • T.V. Lakshman

    Nokia, USA

  • Diego López

    Telefónica, Spain

  • David Meyer

    Huawei, USA

  • Ramesh Rao

    Calit2 and UCSD, USA

  • Kevin Smith

    Vodafone, UK

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