What will be the origin of the next network revolution?





The start of the Internet age, a bit over 25 years ago, corresponded to the end of 15 years of the ARPAnet age. Both of those efforts were started and funded by the US government and gradually spread around the world. The very success of the Internet has globalized the network research community, as well as the commercial world. Research labs have sprung up in countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, UK, China, South Korea, and India and the number of papers from non-US authors in top-tier conferences has seen a dramatic rise.
But the question remains: What will be the origin of the next revolution? Some argue that the US has declined, due to the politics of the Bush administration, while others argue that whole world now understands the importance of networking technologies, so it's simply a level playing field. Some think that it is necessary to use a "clean slate" approach, while others look forward to watching the clean slate crowd repeat the errors of the past. Others think the academic world is in eclipse, and funding will drive the commercial world's ascent.
In this panel, our distinguished panelists will talk about the globalization of network research, the rise and fall of various network research communities, recent developments in networking research, and prognosticate on future developments.