December 10-13, 2012
Nice, France

ACM CoNEXT 2012WorkshopsOverview

Workshops at ACM CoNEXT 2012

CoNEXT 2012 will have an exciting series of three workshops on Monday December 10th, offering more chances to interact with researchers and students before the main conference start. We invite everyone to consider submitting a paper and/or participate to attending a workshop! The workshops, call for papers, dates, and workshop chairs are listed below.

Capacity Sharing

To meet the increasing bandwidth demand of in the Internet especially of mobile users, operators need to seek for new technologies that efficiently utilize their network resource and share the available capacity in a fair manner between all users. Both, data center and next generation access networks provide new requirements on capacity sharing. Different interests should be reconciled, as operators want to be able to exercise control on how the network is used, avoid service disruptions and account for network usage. Users and application providers are interested in a certain level of service quality and consistent experience. This workshop brings together researchers in the area of transport protocols, system designers of fixed and mobile access networks, and their applications to advance the state of research on capacity sharing.

Workshop DateDecember 10th, 2012
OrganizersBob Briscoe (British Telecom)
Mirja Kühlewind (University of Stuttgart)
Dirk Kutscher (NEC Labs Europe)
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Paper submission deadline (extended) August 03, 2012
Acceptance notification September 25, 2012
Camera ready version October 25, 2012


The phenomenon of urbanization has reached a scale and pace that raise evident questions on its sustainability. For metropolitan areas to be able to accommodate the current population growth rate and avoid the risk of creating “urban wastelands”, the overall management of city resources has to be reconsidered for greater efficiency and fairness. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are expected to play a key role in such a process. This workshop aims at promoting the discussion on the capillary integration of networking solutions into upcoming “smart/digital cities”, so as to improve the management of ubiquitous communication, mobility and transportation, and resources such as energy, water and gas in urban environments.

Workshop DateDecember 10th, 2012
OrganizersMarco Fiore (INSA Lyon and INRIA UrbaNet)
Catherine Rosenberg (University of Waterloo)
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Paper submission deadline (extended) August 03, 2012
Acceptance notification September 17, 2012
Camera ready version October 12, 2012

Student Workshop

Following the success of previous years, the main conference will be preceded with a one day Student Workshop. The Student Workshop aims at providing a platform for graduate students in the areas of computer networks and data communication to divulge their ongoing research efforts, even if at an early stage. The venue also represents a unique opportunity for students to network with other young researchers as well as more experienced ones, receiving constructive feedback, guidance, tips, and learning about cutting-edge research problems being tackled by the student community.

Workshop DateDecember 10th, 2012
OrganizersPaolo Costa (Imperial College London)
Wenjun Hu (Microsoft Research Asia)
Vyas Sekar (Stony Brook University)
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Paper submission deadline (extended) September 25, 2012
Acceptance notification October 16, 2012
Camera ready version October 31, 2012