ACM e-Energy 2018 Travel grants

The travel grants are meant to mainly support graduate students and post-doctoral students attending e-Energy. The number of travel grants and the size of individual grants is determined by the type of attendee (paper or poster presenter), the travel needs of the attendees, and at the amount available.

The travel grants are generously sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM.


Travel grant awards are meant to partially cover the cost of attending and participating in ACM e-Energy 2018. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Airfare
  • Accommodation
  • Other travel costs
  • Daily expenses

Travel grant awards are not intended to cover the costs of conference registration.

Grant Value and Claim Process

  • Grants for attendees from outside Europe is fixed at 1000 USD.
  • Grants for attendees from within Europe is fixed at 500 USD.

Award recipients would need to pay for expenses ahead of time and get reimbursed after the conference by way of the award.


We will apply the following eligibility criteria:

  • applicants must be full-time graduate students or post-docs studying or working at established universities.
  • submit an application that provides strong reasons for attending e-Energy if the applicant is not presenting a paper. This may be evidenced by publications, research projects and support from the supervisor.

Selection Criteria

We will apply the following priority order (descending) in considering applications for grants:

  1. authors of a regular paper accepted at the conference. Only one author per paper will be given this preference.
  2. authors of note/workshop/poster/demo papers. Only one author per paper will be given this preference.

Important Dates

  • May 6, 2018 (23:59 EST)

    Travel Grant Application Submission Deadline

  • May 13, 2018

    Travel Grant Award Notification

How to Apply

An applicant should submit the travel grant application via email to with subject “e-Energy 2018 Travel Grant Application - [Name of applicant].

In the email, the applicant should indicate:

  • (a) his or her affiliation (i.e., name of the university),
  • (b) status (e.g., MASc student, PhD student, postdoctoral fellow),
  • (c) the title of his/her accepted paper,
  • (d) whether the paper is accepted in the main conference or as a workshop paper,
  • (e) whether he or she is the first author and presenter, and
  • (f) explain the reasons for requesting the fund.
An applicant should also attach his/her CV in the email.

Furthermore, an applicant should notify his/her supervisor. The supervisor is required to submit a reference letter via email to with subject “e-Energy 2018 Travel Grant Ref Letter - [Name of applicant]”. The supervisor’s letter should include the following paragraphs:

  • explain how the applicant can benefit from attending e-Energy as well as how he/she could contribute to the conference; and
  • explain the current funding status and why the applicant is in need of the travel grant.

The email from the applicant and supervisor should be received by May 6, 2018.


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