Second Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks


November 20-21, 2003

Cambridge, MA USA

New! The list of accepted papers is now available.

The Second Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks (HotNets-II) will bring together researchers in the networking and distributed systems community to debate emerging research directions. The goal of the workshop is to promote community-wide discussion of ideas that will influence and foster continued research in the field. The workshop will provide a venue for researchers to present new ideas that have the potential to significantly impact the community in the long term, especially those that are architectural or design-oriented in nature.

Each potential participant should submit a short paper describing such an idea; the paper could, for example, expose a new problem, advocate a new solution, or debunk existing work. Attendance is limited to around 60 participants, by invitation based primarily on paper submissions. HotNets is sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM.

HotNets is intended to cover a broad range of technical issues in the area of networking and distributed systems. The topics of interest include, but are by no means limited to:

The selection of HotNets papers will be based primarily on their potential to influence future research. This influence can be exercised in many ways, exemplified by but not limited to the following:

HotNets papers are often the nascent forms of papers that will eventually be published, in full-length form, at conferences like ACM SIGCOMM, SenSys, MobiCom, SOSP and others. Online copies of the position papers will be made publicly available via the Web prior to the workshop. Proceedings will be distributed at the workshop and will be made available through ACM's digital library.

Submission Instructions: Position papers must be no longer than 6 pages (10 pt font, 1 inch margins). Only electronic submissions in PostScript or PDF will be accepted. Submissions must be written in English, render without error using standard tools (Ghostview or Acrobat Reader) and print on US-Letter sized paper. All submissions will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt.

Submission information will be posted at:


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ACM HotNets-II would like to thank Intel for their generous support