Thursday, November 30, 2017

07:45 - 08:45Breakfast
08:45 - 09:00Introductions
09:00 - 10:30Security, Privacy, and Censorship (Xiaowei Yang)
DIY Hosting for Online Privacy
Shoumik Palkar (Stanford University), Matei Zaharia (Stanford University)
Online Advertising under Internet Censorship
Hira Javaid (LUMS), Hafiz Kamran Khalil (LUMS), Zartash Afzal Uzmi (LUMS), Ihsan Ayyub Qazi (LUMS and ICSI/UC Berkeley)
The Case For Secure Delegation
Dmitry Kogan (Stanford University), Henri Stern (Stanford University), Ashley Tolbert (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory), David Mazieres (Stanford University), Keith Winstein (Stanford University)
Securing Ultra-High-Bandwidth Science DMZ Networks with Coordinated Situational Awareness
Vasudevan Nagendra (Stony Brook University), Vinod Yegneswaran (SRI International), Phil Porras (SRI International)
10:30 - 11:00Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:08Wireless (Brad Karp)
Rethinking Congestion Control for Cellular Networks
Prateesh Goyal (MIT CSAIL), Mohammad Alizadeh (MIT CSAIL), Hari Balakrishnan (MIT CSAIL)
Programmable Radio Environments for Smart Spaces
Allen Welkie (Princeton University), Longfei Shangguan (Princeton University), Jeremy Gummeson (UMass Amherst), Wenjun Hu (Yale University), Kyle Jamieson (Princeton University)
HotNets Dialogue (Ranveer Chandra and Keith Winstein)
Wi-Fly: Widespread Opportunistic Connectivity via Commercial Air Transport
Talal Ahmad (NYU), Ranveer Chandra (MSR), Ashish Kapoor (MSR), Michael Daum (MSR), Eric Horvitz (MSR)
HotNets Dialogue (Brad Karp and Srini Seshan)
12:08 - 13:15Lunch
13:15 - 14:00Video (Ranveer Chandra)
360-Degree Innovations for Panoramic Video Streaming
Xing Liu (Indiana University), Qingyang Xiao (Indiana University), Vijay Gopalakrishnan (AT&T Labs - Research), Bo Han (AT&T Labs - Research), Feng Qian (Indiana University), Matteo Varvello (AT&T Labs - Research)
How will Deep Learning Change Internet Video Delivery?
Hyunho Yeo (KAIST), Sunghyun Do (KAIST), Dongsu Han (KAIST)
HotNets Dialogue (Mohammad Alizadeh and Sujata Banerjee)
14:00 - 14:45Refactoring Distributed Applications (Luigi Rizzo)
Network Stack as a Service in the Cloud
Zhixiong Niu (City University of Hong Kong), Hong Xu (City University of Hong Kong), Dongsu Han (KAIST), Peng Cheng (Microsoft Research Asia), Yongqiang Xiong (Microsoft Research Asia), Guo Chen (Microsoft Research Asia), Keith Winstein (Stanford University)
HotNets Dialogue (Luigi Rizzo and Jennifer Rexford)
The Barriers to Overthrowing Internet Feudalism
Tai Liu (NYU-AD), Zain Tariq (NYU-AD), Jay Chen (NYU-AD), Barath Raghavan (ICSI / Nefeli Networks)
HotNets Dialogue (David Andersen and Xiaowei Yang)
14:45 - 15:10Coffee Break
15:10 - 16:18Measurement (Michael Walfish)
FreeLab: A Free Measurement Platform
Matteo Varvello (AT&T Research Lab), Diego Perino (Telefonica)
Opportunities and Challenges of Ad-based Measurements from the Edge of the Network
Patricia Callejo (IMDEA Networks Institute and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Conor Kelton (Stony Brook University), Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez (IMDEA Networks Institute/ICSI), Ruben Cuevas (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Oliver Gasser (Technical University of Munich), Christian Kreibich (ICSI / Corelight), Florian Wohlfart (Technical University of Munich), Angel Cuevas (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Stick a Fork in it: Analyzing the Ethereum network partition
Lucianna Kiffer (Northeastern University), Dave Levin (University of Maryland, College Park), Alan Mislove (Northeastern University)
16:18 - 16:38Break
16:38 - 17:30Panel
18:30 - 21:00Reception (Il Fornaio, 520 Cowper St, Palo Alto, CA 94301)

Friday, December 1, 2017

07:45 - 08:45Breakfast
08:45 - 10:15Congestion Control (Brighten Godfrey)
The Case for Moving Congestion Control Out of the Datapath
Akshay Narayan (MIT CSAIL), Frank Cangialosi (MIT CSAIL), Prateesh Goyal (MIT CSAIL), Srinivas Narayana (MIT CSAIL), Mohammad Alizadeh (MIT CSAIL), Hari Balakrishnan (MIT CSAIL)
HotNets Dialogue (Thomas Anderson and P. Brighten Godfrey)
HotCocoa: Hardware Congestion Control Abstractions
Mina Tahmasbi Arashloo (Princeton University), Monia Ghobadi (Microsoft Research), Jennifer Rexford (Princeton University), David Walker (Princeton University)
An Axiomatic Approach to Congestion Control
Doron Zarchy (Hebrew University Of Jeruslem), Radhika Mittal (UC Berkeley), Michael Schapira (Hebrew University Of Jeruslem), Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley)
Congestion-Control Throwdown
Michael Schapira (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Keith Winstein (Stanford University)
10:15 - 10:45Coffee Break
10:45 - 11:53The Control Plane (Scott Shenker)
Integrating Verification and Repair into the Control Plane
Aaron Gember-Jacobson (Colgate University), Costin Raiciu (Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti), Laurent Vanbever (ETH Zürich)
Low-Latency Routing on Mesh-Like Backbones
Nikola Gvozdiev (University College London (UCL)), Stefano Vissicchio (University College London (UCL)), Brad Karp (University College London (UCL)), Mark Handley (University College London (UCL))
Run, Walk, Crawl: Towards Dynamic Link Capacities
Rachee Singh (UMass Amherst), Monia Ghobadi (Microsoft Research), Klaus-Tycho Foerster (Aalborg University), Mark Filer (Microsoft), Phillipa Gill (UMass Amherst)
HotNets Dialogue (Brad Karp and Michael Walfish)
11:53 - 13:00Lunch
13:00 - 14:30Data Centers (Jeff Mogul)
In-Network Computation is a Dumb Idea Whose Time Has Come
Amedeo Sapio (KAUST), Ibrahim Abdelaziz (KAUST), Abdulla Dilaijan (KAUST), Marco Canini (KAUST), Panos Kalnis (KAUST)
HotNets Dialogue (Jeff Mogul and Jitu Padhye)
Granular Computing and Network Intensive Applications: Friends or Foes?
Arjun Singhvi (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Sujata Banerjee (VMware), Yotam Harchol (VMware), Aditya Akella (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Mark Peek (VMware), Pontus Rydin (VMware)
Tolerating Faults in Disaggregated Datacenters
Amanda Carbonari (University of British Columbia), Ivan Beschastnikh (University of British Columbia)
Stop Rerouting! Enabling ShareBackup for Failure Recovery in Data Center Networks
Yiting Xia (Rice University), Xin Sunny Huang (Rice University), T. S. Eugene Ng (Rice University)
14:30 - 14:50Coffee Break
14:50 - 15:58Machine Learning (Keith Winstein)
Harvesting Randomness to Optimize Distributed Systems
Mathias Lecuyer (Columbia University), Lamont Nelson (New York University), Siddhartha Sen (Microsoft Research), Amit Sharma (Microsoft Research), Alex Slivkins (Microsoft Research)
Learning to Route
Asaf Valadarsky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Michael Schapira (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Dafna Shahaf (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Aviv Tamar (UC Berkeley)
Biases in Data-Driven Networking, and What to Do About Them
Mihovil Bartulović (CMU), Junchen Jiang (MSR/CMU), Vyas Sekar (CMU), Bruno Sinopoli (CMU)