A note from the PC chairs: Behind the Scenes of the HotNets 2020 Program Committee Process.


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Wednesday, November 4th, 2020 (Youtube Stream)

08:45 - 09:00Opening Remarks
09:00 - 10:40 Session 1: Network modeling and experimentation
Session Chair: Sergey Gorinsky (IMDEA Networks Institute)
Student Co-Chair: Piet De Vaere (ETH Zurich)
xBGP: When You Can’t Wait for the IETF and Vendors
Thomas Wirtgen and Quentin De Coninck (UCLouvain); Randy Bush (Internet Initiative Japan & Arrcus, Inc); Laurent Vanbever (ETH Zürich); Olivier Bonaventure (UCLouvain)
A General Framework for Compositional Network Modeling
Ryan Beckett (Microsoft Research); Ratul Mahajan (University of Washington, Intentionet)
Clara: Performance Clarity for SmartNIC Offloading
Yiming Qiu and Qiao Kang (Rice University); Ming Liu (University of Washington); Ang Chen (Rice University)
iBox: Internet in a Box
Sachin Ashok, Sai Surya Duvvuri, Nagarajan Natarajan, Venkata N. Padmanabhan, and Sundararajan Sellamanickam (Microsoft Research India); Johannes Gehrke (Microsoft)
On the Future of Congestion Control for the Public Internet
Lloyd Brown (UC Berkeley); Ganesh Ananthanarayanan (Microsoft Research); Ethan Katz-Bassett (Columbia); Arvind Krishnamurthy (University of Washington); Sylvia Ratnasamy (UC Berkeley); Michael Schapira (Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley)
10:40 - 10:50Break
10:50 - 12:30Session 2: Protocols and architectures
Session Chair: Radhika Niranjan Mysore (VMware Research)
Student Co-Chair: Noga H. Rotman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Remote Memory Calls
Emmanuel Amaro, Zhihong Luo, and Amy Ousterhout (UC Berkeley); Arvind Krishnamurthy (University of Washington); Aurojit Panda (NYU); Sylvia Ratnasamy (UC Berkeley); Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley & ICSI)
TCPLS: Closely Integrating TCP and TLS
Florentin Rochet (UCL Crypto Group); Emery Assogba and Olivier Bonaventure (UCLouvain)
Bertha: Tunneling through the Network API
Akshay Narayan (MIT); Aurojit Panda (NYU); Mohammad Alizadeh and Hari Balakrishnan (MIT); Arvind Krishnamurthy (University of Washington); Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley and ICSI)
Don't Work on Individual Data Plane Algorithms. Put Them Together!
Chen Qian (University of California, Santa Cruz); Shouqian Shi, Xiaofeng Shi, and Minmei Wang (University of California Santa Cruz)
Spineless Data Centers
Vipul Harsh (UIUC); Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi (UC Irvine, VMware Research); Brighten Godfrey (UIUC and VMware)

Thursday, November 5th, 2020 (Youtube Stream)

09:00 - 10:40Session 3: Verification
Session Chair: Justine Sherry (Carnegie Mellon University)
Student Co-Chair: Nadeen Gebara (Imperial College London)
Proving Server Faults: RPCs for Distributed Systems in Byzantine Networks
Jonathan Weiss (Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Albert Kwon (Badge Biometrics); Yossi Gilad (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Incremental Network Configuration Verification
Peng Zhang and Yuhao Huang (Xi'an Jiaotong University); Aaron Gember-Jacobson (Colgate University); Wenbo Shi and Xu Liu (Xi'an Jiaotong University); Hongkun Yang (Google); Zhiqiang Zuo (Nanjing University)
Online Safety Assurance for Learning-Augmented Systems
Noga H. Rotman and Michael Schapira (Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Aviv Tamar (Technion)
Towards Verified Self-Driving Infrastructure
Bingzhe Liu, Ali Kheradmand, and Matthew Caesar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Brighten Godfrey (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and VMware)
Solver-Aided Multi-Party Configuration
Kevin Dackow (Brown University); Andrew Wagner (Northeastern University); Tim Nelson, Shriram Krishnamurthi, and Theophilus Benson (Brown University)
10:40 - 10:50Break
10:50 - 12:30Session 4: Wireless
Session Chair: Wenjun Hu (Yale University)
Student Co-Chair: Mohamed Radwan Abdelhamid (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Towards Hybrid Classical-Quantum Computation Structures in Wirelessly-Networked Systems
Minsung Kim (Princeton University); Davide Venturelli (Universities Space Research Association); Kyle Jamieson (Princeton University)
Full Duplex Radios: Are we there yet?
Vaibhav Singh, Akshay Gadre, and Swarun Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University)
Underwater Backscatter Localization: Toward a Battery-Free Underwater GPS
Reza Ghaffarivardavagh, Sayed Saad Afzal, Osvy Rodriguez, and Fadel Adib (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
WiFi Says “Hi!” Back to Strangers!
Ali Abedi and Omid Abari (University of Waterloo)
Millimeter Wave Backscatter: Toward Batteryless Wireless Networking at Gigabit Speeds
Mohammad Hossein Mazaheri Kalahrody, Alex Chen, and Omid Abari (University of Waterloo)

Friday, November 6th, 2020 (Youtube Stream)

09:00 - 10:40Session 5: Programmable networks
Session Chair: Radhika Mittal (UIUC)
Student Co-Chair: Aditi (UIUC)
P2GO: P4 Profile-Guided Optimizations
Patrick Wintermeyer, Maria Apostolaki, Alexander Dietmüller, and Laurent Vanbever (ETH Zürich)
Challenging the Stateless Quo of Programmable Switches
Nadeen Gebara (Imperial College London); Alberto lerner (University of Fribourg); Mingran Yang (MIT); Minlan Yu (Harvard); Paolo Costa (Microsoft Research); Manya Ghobadi (MIT)
SwiShmem: Distributed Shared State Abstractions for Programmable Switches
Lior Zeno (Technion); Dan Ports and Jacob Nelson (Microsoft Research); Mark Silberstein (Technion)
Elastic Switch Programming with P4All
Mary Hogan and Shir Landau-Feibish (Princeton University); Mina Tahmasbi Arashloo (Cornell); Jennifer Rexford and David Walker (Princeton University); Rob Harrison (United States Military Academy, West Point)
Enabling Active Networking on RMT Hardware
Rajdeep Das and Alex C. Snoeren (University of California San Diego)
10:40 - 10:50Break
10:50 - 12:30Session 6: Edge and Space
Session Chair: Aruna Balasubramanian (Stony Brook University)
Student Co-Chair: Akshay Gadre (Carnegie Mellon University)
Pruning Edge Research with Latency Shears
Nitinder Mohan (Technical University of Munich); Lorenzo Corneo (Uppsala Universitet); Aleksandr Zavodovski (University of Helsinki); Suzan Bayhan (University of Twente); Walter Wong and Jussi Kangasharju (University of Helsinki)
A Distributed and Hybrid Ground Station Network for Low Earth Orbit Satellites
Deepak Vasisht and Ranveer Chandra (Microsoft)
In-orbit Computing: an Outlandish Thought Experiment?
Debopam Bhattacherjee, Simon Kassing, Melissa Licciardello, and Ankit Singla (ETH Zürich)
"Internet from Space" without Inter-satellite Links
Yannick Hauri, Debopam Bhattacherjee, Manuel Grossmann, and Ankit Singla (ETH Zürich)
DNS Does Not Suffice for MEC-CDN
Ke-Jou Hsu, James Choncholas, Ketan Bhardwaj, and Ada Gavrilovska (Georgia Institute of Technology)