All times are in US Central Standard Time (UTC-06:00).
Please note that in the US, daylight savings time ends on November 6th, 2022.

Day 1 / Monday, November 14th, 2022

08:15 - 9:00Breakfast
09:00 - 9:15Introduction and Opening Remarks
09:15 - 10:30 Session 1: Web Next - decentralized, privacy-preserving, and resilient - Q&A
Session Chair: Aurojit Panda
Global Content Revocation on the Internet: A Case Study in Technology Ecosystem Transformation
Narek Galstyan (UC Berkeley and ICSI); James McCauley (Mount Holyoke College); Hany Farid, Sylvia Ratnasamy (UC Berkeley); Scott Shenker (ICSI and UC Berkeley)
The Decoupling Principle: A Practical Privacy Framework
Paul Schmitt (University of Hawaii/INVISV); Jana Iyengar (Fastly); Christopher Wood (Cloudflare); Barath Raghavan (USC/INVISV)
Reflections on trusting distributed trust
Emma Dauterman, Vivian Fang, Natacha Crooks, Raluca Popa (UC Berkeley)
Making Links on Your Web Pages Last Longer Than You
Ayush Goel, Jingyuan Zhu, Harsha V. Madhyastha (University of Michigan)
10:30 - 10:45Break
10:45 - noon Session 2: Rethinking the Internet - Q&A
Session Chair: Katerina Argyraki
The Case for an Internet Primitive for Fault Localization
William Sussman (MIT); Emily Marx (UC Berkeley); Venkat Arun (MIT); Akshay Narayan (UC Berkeley), Mohammad Alizadeh, Hari Balakrishnan (MIT); Aurojit Panda (New York University); Scott Shenker (ICSI and UC Berkeley)
Tango or Square Dance? How Tightly Should we Integrate Network Functionality in Browsers?
Alex Davidson (Brave Software); Matthias Frei (ETH Zurich); Marten Gartner (OVGU Magdeburg); Hamed Haddadi (Brave Software); Jordi Subirà Nieto, Adrian Perrig (ETH Zurich); Philipp Winter (Brave Software); Francois Wirz (ETH Zurich)
Sidecar: In-Network Performance Enhancements in the Age of Paranoid Transport Protocols
Gina Yuan, David K. Zhang, Matthew Sotoudeh (Stanford University); Michael Welzl (University of Oslo; Keith Winstein (Stanford University)
DIP: Unifying Network Layer Innovations using Shared L3 Core Functions
Ziqiang Wang (Southeast University); Zhuotao Liu (Tsinghua University and Zhongguancun Laboratory); Xiaoliang Wang (Capital Normal University); Songtao Fu (Tsinghua University); Ke Xu (Tsinghua University and Zhongguancun Laboratory)
noon - 1:30pmLunch Break
1:30pm - 2:30pm Session 3: Demystifying the network - the theory, models & testing - Q&A
Session Chair: Prateesh Goyal
Automating network heuristic design and analysis
Anup Agarwal (Carnegie Mellon University); Venkat Arun (MIT CSAIL); Devdeep Ray, Ruben Martins, Srinivasan Seshan (Carnegie Mellon University)
CC-Fuzz: Genetic algorithm-based fuzzing for stress testing congestion control algorithms
Devdeep Ray, Srinivasan Seshan (Carnegie Mellon University)
Minding the gap between Fast Heuristics and their Optimal Counterparts
Pooria Namyar, Behnaz Arzani (Microsoft Research); Ryan Beckett (Microsoft); Santiago Segarra (Microsoft Research); Himanshu Raj (Microsoft); Srikanth Kandula (Microsoft Research)
2:30pm - 2:45pmBreak
2:45pm - 3:45pm Session 4: Digital Twinning the Network - can we perfect it? - Q&A
Session Chair: Radhika Mittal
Generating representative, live network traffic out of millions of code repositories
Tobias Bühler, Roland Schmid, Sandro Lutz, Laurent Vanbever (ETH Zürich)
SEED Emulator: An Internet Emulator for Research and Education
Wenliang Du, Honghao Zeng, Kyungrok Won (Syracuse University)
The Internet of Things in a Laptop: Rapid Prototyping for IoT Applications with Digibox
Silvery Fu, Hong Zhang, Sylvia Ratnasamy, Ion Stoica (UC Berkeley)
3:45pm - 4:00pmBreak
4:00pm - 5:00pm Session 5: ML for networking – can “transformers” transform networks? - Q&A
Session Chair: Keith Winstein
A New Hope for Network Model Generalization
Alexander Dietmüller, Siddhant Ray, Romain Jacob, Laurent Vanbever (ETH Zürich)
Towards a systematic multi-modal representation learning for network data
Zied Ben Houidi, Raphael Azorin, Massimo Gallo, Alessandro Finamore, Dario Rossi (Huawei Technologies)
Rethinking Data-driven Networking with Foundation Models: Challenges and Opportunities
Franck Le, Mudhakar Srivatsa, Raghu Ganti (IBM); Vyas Sekar (Carnegie Mellon University)

Day 2 / Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

08:15 - 9:15Breakfast
9:15am - 10:30am Session 6: Programming Networks at Scale - Q&A
Session Chair: Behnaz Arzani
A Case for Remote Attestation in Programmable Dataplanes
Nik Sultana (Illinois Institute of Technology); Deborah Shands, Vinod Yegneswaran (SRI International)
Network Can Check Itself: Scaling Data Plane Checking via Distributed, On-Device Verification
Qiao Xiang, Ridi Wen, Chenyang Huang, Yuxin Wang (Xiamen University); Franck Le (IBM Research)
Full-Stack SDN
Debnil Sur (VMware); Ben Pfaff, Leonid Ryzhyk, Mihai Budiu (VMware Research)
It Takes Two to Tango: Cooperative Edge-to-Edge Routing
Henry Birge-Lee, Maria Apostolaki, Jennifer Rexford (Princeton University)
10:30am - 10:45amBreak
10:45am - noon Session 7: Towards NextG Wireless and Cellular Systems - Q&A
Session Chair: Ranveer Chandra
Towards Dual-band Reconfigurable Metamaterial Surfaces for Satellite Networking
Kun Woo Cho, Yasaman Ghasempour, Kyle Jamieson (Princeton University)
Bringing WiFi Localization to Any WiFi Devices
Tianxiang Li, Haofan Lu, Reza Rezvani (UCLA); Ali Abedi (University of Waterloo); Omid Abari (UCLA)
Boosting the Sensing Granularity of Acoustic Signals by Exploiting Hardware Non-linearity
Xiangru Chen (Duke University); Dong Li (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Yiran Chen (Duke University); Jie Xiong (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Trust-free Service Measurement and Payments for Decentralized Cellular Networks
S.V.R. Anand (Kaleidoscope Blockchain Inc.); Serhat Arslan (Stanford University); Rajat Chopra (Kaleidoscope Blockchain Inc.); Sachin Katti (Stanford University); Milind Kumar Vaddiraju (Banyan Intelligence); Ranvir Rana (Kaleidoscope Blockchain Inc.); Peiyao Sheng (Kaleidoscope Blockchain Inc.); Himanshu Tyagi (Indian Institute of Science and Kaleidoscope Blockchain Inc.); Pramod Viswanath (Kaleidoscope Blockchain Inc.)
noon - 1:30pmLunch Break
1:30pm - 2:30pm Session 8: Cloud Networks 2.0 - Q&A
Session Chair: Srinivasan Seshan
Computation-Centric Networking
Yuhan Deng, Angela Montemayor (Stanford University); Amit Levy (Princeton University); Keith Winstein (Stanford University)
Rethinking Cloud-hosted Financial Exchanges for Response Time Fairness
Prateesh Goyal, Ilias Marinos (Microsoft Research); Eashan Gupta (Microsoft Research, UIUC); Chaitnya Bandi (Microsoft Research); Alan Ross (Microsoft); Ranveer Chandra (Microsoft Research)
Load Balancers Need In-Band Feedback Control
Bhavana Vannarth Shobhana, Srinivas Narayana, Badri Nath (Rutgers University)
2:30pm - 2:45pmBreak
2:45pm - 4:00pm Session 9: Keeping up with ever-increasing performance demands - Q&A
Session Chair: Hakim Weatherspoon
Efficient Flow Scheduling in Distributed Deep Learning Training with Echelon Formation
Rui Pan (Princeton University); Yiming Lei, Jialong Li (Max Planck Institute for Informatics); Zhiqiang Xie (Stanford University); Binhang Yuan (ETH Zurich); Yiting Xia (Max Planck Institute for Informatics)
Congestion Control in Machine Learning Clusters
Sudarsanan Rajasekaran, Manya Ghobadi (MIT); Gautam Kumar (Google); Aditya Akella (UT Austin)
Getting back what was lost in the era of high-speed software packet processing
Marcelo Abranches (University of Colorado Boulder); Oliver Michel (Princeton University); Eric Keller (University of Colorado Boulder)
Understanding Host Interconnect Congestion
Saksham Agarwal, Rachit Agarwal (Cornell University); Behnam Montazeri, Masoud Moshref, Khaled Elmeleegy, Luigi Rizzo, Marc de Kruijf, Gautam Kumar (Google); Sylvia Ratnasamy (Google and University of California Berkeley); David Culler, Amin Vahdat (Google)