Paper Anonymity

IMC will use double blind submissions, per the following guidelines:

IMC recognizes that measurement research sometimes leverages unique capabilities that are publicly known, but not available for general use (e.g., measurement platforms, unique vantage points, tools, datasets, etc.). Revealing access to these capabilities or knowledge of them which could be interpreted as only being possible for their originators/authors, will de-facto de-anonymize a submission. However, attempts to anonymize these capabilities will not allow authors to leverage previous work on developing sound measurement capabilities, leaves reviewers without a full understanding of the new work, and may also be essentially impossible in some cases. IMC recognizes an exception for authors referring to such capabilities—even though this may de-anonymize submissions. The PC will not penalize submissions for these breaches of anonymization. We make several important comments on this exception:

Illustrative Examples:

While the program committee will allow for breaches of anonymization to name unique capabilities where important, authors are encouraged to be judicious in their use of this exception. Specific questions should be forwarded to the program committee chairs.

Further Information

The IMC Steering Committee has also released a statement on double-blind review that can be viewed on the SIGCOMM website.