IMC'21 Conference “Pods”

IMC'21 will be held online, however, with increased access to vaccination, some regions may be able to have in-person gatherings. As such, IMC'21 would like to support and encourage the creation of “pods” to allow small groups to meet where it is safe to do so. Such gatherings can be used to collectively participate in the conference.

While IMC'21 does not have the capabilities to observe or approve these individual pods, the organizers are happy to help promote such initiatives by collecting information about them, providing a single online location where interested parties can look up pods near to them.

If you are interested in running a pod, please email the Online Experience Chairs: Gareth Tyson ( and Ignacio Castro ( with a brief description of your pod and an agreement that:

  1. You will follow ACM policies (including policies on harassment and privacy) at your event
  2. Your event is free to all attendees
  3. It complies with all current guidelines applicable to such gatherings, e.g., in the US, this would include compliance with relevant CDC, state, and county guidelines for gatherings as well as any travel restrictions that may be in effect
  4. All participants are registered for the conference.

We will then include your pod on the IMC'21 website below, and help promote it to other nearby attendees.

List of available IMC'21 Conference “Pods”

We will post the list of available pods shortly.