In the schedule below, we list show the times (and dates) of the sessions in your local timezone.

NOTE: The week of IMC lies between when much of the world switches from daylight savings time to standard time (October 31, 2021) and when the United States does (November 7, 2021). The calculation of session times and time zones below takes this into account.

NOTE: All accepted papers can be found in the ACM Digital Library.

Every paper is allocated 7 minutes (short papers) or 10 minutes (long papers) for a recorded presentation. This will be followed by 3 minutes (short papers) or 5 minutes (long papers) of live Q&A, moderated by the session chair. There are short breaks built in between most sessions. Additionally, there are dedicated “author interaction” sessions where the authors of papers from the immediately previous sessions will be available in a dedicated channel for additional questions and conversations.

Day 1

Opening Remarks

Session 1: Characterizing and Measuring Networks

Session Chair: Fabian Bustamante

Session 2: Cloud

Session Chair: Alex Marder

Author Interaction (sessions 1 and 2)

Session 3: Measurement and Modeling

Session Chair: Aaron Schulman

Session 4: Protocols

Session Chair: Giovane C. M. Moura

Author Interaction (sessions 3 and 4)

Session 5: IoT and TLS

Session Chair: Mattijs Jonker

Session 6: Video

Session Chair: Aruna Balasubramanian

Author Interaction (sessions 5 and 6)

Day 2

Session 7: HTTP and QUIC

Session Chair: Anja Feldmann

Session 8: Blockchain and DeFi

Session Chair: Alan Mislove

Author Interaction (sessions 7 and 8)

Poster Session

Session 9: Performance and Tools

Session Chair: Matthew Luckie

Session 10: DNS Attacks

Session Chair: Taejoong Chung

Author Interaction (sessions 9 and 10)

Session 11: Information and Misinformation

Session Chair: Duane Wessels

Session 12: COVID and Current Affairs

Session Chair: David Choffnes

Author Interaction (sessions 11 and 12)

Business Meeting

Day 3

Session 13: Web

Session Chair: Gareth Tyson

Session 14: Autonomous Systems and BGP

Session Chair: Ethan Katz-Bassett

Session 15: Analyzing Platforms and Applications

Session Chair: Juan Tapiador

Author Interaction (sessions 13, 14, and 15)

Session 16: Autonomous Systems and Name Management

Session Chair: Rob Beverly

Session 17: Characterizing and Measuring Networks

Session Chair: Zachary Bischof

Author Interaction (sessions 16 and 17)

Coffee Break Chat

No Presentation