Sponsorship Opportunities

The table below summarizes ACM IMC 2024 sponsorship opportunities. ACM IMC is a highly selective venue for the presentation of measurement-based research in data communications.

We strongly believe that supporting ACM IMC 2024 is a great value for the event itself, and a great opportunity for you to interact with the attendees both professionals and students that will come present and discuss their work..

TierAmountConf. ticketsBanquet ticketsLogo at website, badge, merch. items, and breaks 1On-site tableDiscount for awards/ events sponsorshipPrivate recruiting session and meeting room 2
Platinum10,000 $48CheckmarkPrivate25%Checkmark
Gold7,500 $36CheckmarkPrivate15%Checkmark
Silver5,000 $24CheckmarkShared5%
Bronze3,000 $12Checkmark
  1 Logo size and position will be determined by sponsorship tier.
  2 Recruiting sessions will be held at the main auditorium. Additional fair access to a private meeting room available on demand, prioritizing Platinum sponsors over Gold ones.

Contact Details

If you are interested or would like further information, please contact General Chairs: imc24-gc@acm.org.