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SIGCOMM Award Winner

Paul E. Green, Jr.
Director of Optical Networking, Tellabs

Paul Green made pioneering contributions to spread spectrum, channel adaptive receivers (Rake), radar astronomy, and seismic array signal processing during his 20 years with MIT Lincoln Laboratory..

From 1969 to January, 1997 he was variously a senior manager at IBM's Research Division or a member of IBM's Corporate Technical Committee. His technical interests centered around signal processing, peer networking, and later fiber optic networking.

In 1979 he initiatied the program that later became APPN, the peer network control generation of SNA, and in 1988 the optical networking program, which was acquired by Tellabs in January, 1997.

He is a Fellow of the IEEE and a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and the recipient of several awards and medals from the IEEE and the ACM.