conference venue

The conference takes place at the campus of the University of Karlsruhe which is located directly in the city center.

Map of Karlsruhe
PDF File PDF File of the map

We have prepared two maps for your convenience. The map on the left is an an overview of Karlsruhe that identifies all SIGCOMM-specific sites including the location of the conference hotels, the approximate location of the conference venue at The University of Karlsruhe, and the Schloss Karlsruhe where the Monday evening reception will be held. The detailed map ( PDF File ) shows in detail the space that SIGCOMM will be using at The Univerity of Karlsruhe. ( PDF File )

The SIGCOMM 2003 conference will use three nearby buildings:
  • Building 30.95 is the Main conference venue (with a brand new lecture auditorium) and will also host the Registration Desk and Internet access.
  • Building 01.12/13 is the lunch location (Mensa/Cafeteria) and is at most a 2 minute walk from the main conference venue.
  • Building 50.34 is a nearby building that will be used for the tutorials and most of the workshops on 8/25 and 8/27.
To get to the Registration Desk at the Conference Venue:
The Registration Desk hours will be: 8/25-8/29 08:00 - 17:30

The campus can be reached from all hotels easily by tram within at most 10 minutes. The detailed map of the campus also shows the nearby tram stops.
  • Dorint:
    Trams no. S4 (directions Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn) or no. 2 (direction Durlach) to stop "Durlacher Tor"
  • Queens:
    Trams no. S4 (directions Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn) or no. 2 (direction Durlach) to stop "Durlacher Tor"
  • Schlosshotel and Residenz Ringhotel:
    Trams no. S4 (directions Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn) or no. 2 (direction Durlach) to stop "Durlacher Tor"
  • Renaissance Hotel:
    Tram no. 3 (direction Siemensallee) transfer at the next stop, "Kronenplatz" to tram no. S2 (direction Bretten), S4 (direction Bretten, Eppingen, Heilbronn), S5 (direction Pforzheim), 1 or 2 (direction Durlach), 4 (direction Waldstadt) to stop "Durlacher Tor"

Internet Access

SIGCOMM 2003 offers Internet access facilities to its attendees. WLAN is available at the whole conference venue except the lecture hall. There is also an Internet access room in building 30.95 with WLAN access points, free Ethernet ports and several workstations. Available services are HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, POP, IMAP over SSL and SMTP.

Detailed instructions are part of your conference bag that you will get at the registration desk.