SIGCOMM 2015 & Co-located Workshops, August 17–21, 2015, London, United Kingdom

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NS Ethics'15

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NS Ethics'15 Table of Contents

Chairs' Welcome - Ethics in Networked Systems Research
Ben Zevenbergen (University of Oxford)

NS Ethics 2015 Workshop Organization

Workshop Presentations

Submission Summary ACM SigComm2015 - Workshop on Ethics in Networked Systems Research - Considerations from Practical Examples (Page 1)
Ruben Bloemgarten (The Chokepoint Project)

Pascal Haakmat (The Chokepoint Project)

Forgive Us Our SYNs: Technical and Ethical Considerations for Measuring Internet Filtering (Page 3)
Jedidiah R. Crandall (University of New Mexico)

Masashi Crete-Nishihata (University of Toronto)

Jeffrey Knockel (University of New Mexico & University of Toronto)

Does the Internet Deserve Everybody? (Page 5)
Yehia Elkhatib (Lancaster University)

Gareth Tyson (Queen Mary, University of London)

Arjuna Sathiaseelan (University of Cambridge)

Ethical Challenges in the MOSIAC 2B Project (Page 9)
Adriano Galati (Disney Research Zurich)

Stefan Mangold (Disney Research Zurich)

Melani Prinsloo (Infusion Knowledged)

Luis Almeida (Associação CCG/zgdv)

Danie Behr (EPI-USE Africa)

Some Challenges for Ethics in Social Network Research (Page 13)
Luke Hutton (University of St Andrews)

Tristan Henderson (University of St Andrews)

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Ethical Concerns for Censorship Measurement (Page 17)
Ben Jones (Princeton University)

Roya Ensafi (Princeton University)

Nick Feamster (Princeton University)

Vern Paxson (University of California, Berkeley)

Nick Weaver (University of California, Berkeley)

Cyber Research Ethics Decision Support (CREDS) Tool (Page 21)
Erin Kenneally (University of California, San Diego)

Marina Fomenkov (University of California, San Diego)

High Fidelity, High Risk, High Reward: Using High-Fidelity Networking Data in Ethically Sound Research (Page 23)
Mohammad Taha Khan (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Chris Kanich (University of Illinois at Chicago)

RoboCode-Ethicists: Privacy-Friendly Robots, an Ethical Responsibility of Engineers? (Page 27)
Christoph Lutz (University of St. Gallen)

Aurelia Tamò (University of Zurich)

Ethical Challenges in Collaborative Storytelling (Page 29)
Mu Mu (Lancaster University)

Mark Rouncefield (Lancaster University)

Yehia Elkhatib (Lancaster University)

Steven Simpson (Lancaster University)

Jacco Taal (Bitnomica)

Nicholas Race (Lancaster University)

Addressing Ethical Considerations in Network Measurement Papers (Page 33)
Craig Partridge (Raytheon BBN Technologies)

Mark Allman (International Computer Science Institute)