ACM SIGCOMM 2018, Budapest, Hungary

Getting around

Visit the city

These web pages gives really good site-seeing plans including mobile apps guiding you to all the best places in Budapest:

How to reach the venues?

All events at the conference and also the city center can be reached by foot in a maximum of 10 minutes or less. Even the use of public transportation is not necessary.

Hotel Intercontinental (for hotel and travel info see, for a map see the hotel on Google Maps will be the conference hotel and the venue for the reception, the workshops and tutorials (August 20 and August 24, 2018).

Vigadó (for a map see Vigadó on Google Maps) will be the venue for the main conference venue. It is two minutes walk from the conference hotel (see directions at Google Maps).

Banquette dinner: TBA

Student dinner: TBA

N2Women conference dinner: Hungarian Academy of Sciences It is 2 minutes walk from the conference hotel (see directions at Google Maps). More details are here.

All the venues are in the city center, and can be reached by foot. Many of the main attractions of Budapest are also in a 10-15 minutes walking distance. If you plan to take longer trips in farther places of the city you have a few options:

Public transport: See the official guide for getting around by public transportation here:or you can plan your trip here.

There is also a web and mobile (Apple, Android, Windows Phone) application for planning a trip.

Renting a car (for details see here: is possible but not advised for getting around in the city center as it is very hard (and expensive) to park, and there is really no need for that, as the main attractions are really close, and public transportation is very good.

Taxi: See the information in the Getting here page.

Train: Outside of Budapest, your best choice (alternatives to renting a car) to take a train. Trains are operated by the single company MAV.

Here you can buy a ticket:

There are three main railway stations around the town. The suitable one for you depends on your choice of destination. The information for your trip can be found on the (electronic) ticket.