ACM SIGCOMM 2018, Budapest, Hungary

Hackathon at ACM SIGCOMM 2018


The ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Hackathon is a one-day event that offers a unique opportunity for collaboration on the development of new ideas and software related to research topics presented in the SIGCOMM conference. The event will bring together people with a variety of skills to encourage the combination of different types of expertise and inspire creativity. The Hackathon aims to encourage students, researchers, and engineers to gain experience through collaboration in contributing to open source software, transfer their research experience and expertise in open source development, and foster reproducibility of research results.


We are inviting students, researchers, developers, data scientists, designers and anyone who is enthusiastic about cooperation, and can contribute new and creative ideas to join us in hacking new tools, documentation and visualizations. Registration for the Hackathon is separate from the SIGCOMM conference; conference registration is not required, but space is limited.

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Important Dates

  • August 25, 2018


  • July 16, 2018


  • July 12, 2018

    Application submission deadline (extended)


During the event, participants form small teams, with each team focusing on a given project. All code developed during the hackathon should be open-source and made publicly licensed and accessible for the entire community. At the end of the day, participating teams are given an opportunity to briefly present their ideas, and judges award token prizes to the top 3 teams. We expect to publish an article to summarize the Hackathon experience and achievements of the teams to the ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review. Food and drinks are provided throughout the event.

Prior to the event, the participants use the discussion mailing list and slack channel to propose project ideas and form teams. All participants are expected to actively participate in the development of the projects during the event, but teams are free to start working on their ideas before the Hackathon.

The Hackathon chairs will offer a webinar to the participants prior to the event, where we will give a basic introduction to the team members, the logistics and discuss the proposed projects.

Event Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018

Time: Saturday: from 9 am to 7 pm, followed by social event

Location: Nokia Skypark

If you have any questions, please contact the hackathon chairs:

List of Topics

The list of challenges will be published at

Participants can join one of the proposed projects or propose their own project.


A number of open-source networking projects and research groups are supporting the Hackathon, and offer the opportunity to become familiar with their technologies, be actively involved in their development, and interact with their development teams.

Emulab, CloudLab, PhantomNet, and Powder will make available resources for testing and experimentation, and will provide technical guidance.

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Experts from MLab, GNS3, Mininet, Nokia and MobileInsigth propose projects, provide mentoring, and participate in the jury.

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Open-source projects, companies and organisations that would like to support the Hackathon are strongly encouraged to contact the Hackathon chairs:

Code of conduct

Hackathons are events for sharing experiences, diversity of views, and have an open, respectful exchange of ideas – values that we want our Hackathon to uphold.

Please treat each other with tolerance and respect. Demeaning, intimidating or harming anyone at the meeting is not acceptable. We are especially sensitive to behaviour that offends based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnic origin, or other perceived social, cultural, or personal differences. The event will conform to the SIGCOMM anti-harassment policy, so please read it carefully if you have any concerns:

If you experience or witness behaviour that violates this Code of Conduct, please report this to hackathon organisers / facilitators. All reports will be handled confidentially. Please be aware that attendees violating the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the event and other actions may be taken as deemed necessary.


The winning teams will be selected by the jury members at the end of the Hackathon, and will share 1000€ of Amazon gift cards sponsored by DE-CIX.

1st team: 500€

2nd team: 300€

3rd team: 200€

Nokia Budapest will also award a special prize of 1000€

Jury Members

Toncsi Koczka, Nokia Budapest, Head of Location

Andra Lutu (Telefonica, Spain)

Angelos Marnerides (Lancaster, UK)

Christoph Dietzel (DE-CIX, Germany)

Georgia Bullen (Open Technology Institute, USA)

Hamed Haddadi (ICL, UK)

Vaibhav Bajpai (TU Munich, Germany)


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