ACM SIGCOMM 2018, Budapest, Hungary

ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Mentoring and One-on-One Meetings

To foster better communication and dissemination of ideas between conference attendees, SIGCOMM 2018 has set aside 7 small meeting rooms, referred to as “dressing rooms” in the floor plans of Vigadó, on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the building that can be used by attendees during conference breaks to talk in a quiet environment. We offer support for two types of meetings:

  • One-to-one meetings between participants - to book a room please use The MeetingTool after registering yourself in the system with code R7GB-EG9Q-N5KH-E6WA
  • Mentoring meetings - students can request meetings with their chosen senior member of the community either directly (after registering yourself in the system with code R7GB-EG9Q-N5KH-E6WA), or via the mediation of Costin Raiciu, the SIGCOMM 2018 mentoring and one-on-one chair.

For mentoring meetings, you can book meeting rooms here after you have contacted your mentor and obtained his agreement to meet. If you need help to reach out to your chosen mentor, or want advice on which member of the community would be best suited for you, write an email to Costin Raiciu before or on August 19th and he will attempt to accomodate all requests.

Contact the Mentoring and One-on-One Chair