ACM SIGCOMM 2019, Beijing, China

Hackathon at ACM SIGCOMM 2019



Hackathons (hacking marathons) are events where a team of people works together on a set of projects. The objective of the Hackathon is to solve practical problems, encourage creativity and reproducibility, but also to have fun, do social networking, meet potential employers, and establish new collaborations.


Students (undergraduates and graduates, junior and senior PhDs), researchers (research assistants, post­graduates, research scientists), developers, and network engineers are invited to participate. Registration for the Hackathon is separate from the SIGCOMM conference; conference registration is not required. The deadline of application is July 24th, 2019.

Apply by filling out this form


The winning teams will be selected by the jury members at the end of the Hackathon, and will share 10,000¥ cash sponsored by SIGCOMM.

  • 1st team: 5,000¥
  • 2nd team: 3,000¥
  • 3rd team: 2,000¥


Participants are encouraged to form teams by themselves. The size of a team should be no more than 5 people. Please email the two chairs as soon as possible if you have form a team. Please give a name of your team. The SIGCOMM Hackathon committee will randomly assign the participants without a team to one by July 25th, 2019.


The official challenges will be available on July 24th, 2019. We encourage participants to take your own challenges to the Hackathon if only it matches the theme of this event.


At the second ACM SIGCOMM Hackathon, participants will identify and help resolve challenges of their choice related to the research themes of the SIGCOMM conference. The theme of the Hackathon is “Measuring and Debugging Real Network Systems”, but participants are free to choose the project of their interest, related to research topics of the SIGCOMM conference.

There will be three major topics provided by the Hackathon:

  • Building measurement and debugging tools for existing distributed systems
  • Debugging network protocols with real traces
  • Creating novel measurement tools and collecting real network data

During the event, participants form small teams, with each team focusing on a given project. At the end of the day, participating teams are given an opportunity to briefly present their ideas, and judges award prizes to the top 3 teams. We will publish an article to summarize the achievements of the teams in the ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review.

During the event, representatives of the open-source projects and companies that proposed challenges will be on site to provide mentoring. Food and drinks are provided throughout the event.

Event Date: Saturday, August 24, 2019

Event Location: Alibaba@Beijing

For any further queries, please email the Hackathon team at:

Hongqiang Liu, Alibaba Group, US
Hongbin Luo, BUAA, China

Hope to see you in Beijing!

Agenda (Invited only)