ACM SIGCOMM 2021, virtually (online)

ACM SIGCOMM 2021 Registration

At SIGCOMM, we believe our community thrives through inclusion. We believe a diverse and equitable environment where all are able to participate is fundamental to the free exchange of ideas. As such, we want everyone to be able to attend, and feel welcome.

Because of this, we have maintained the same low registration fees as for SIGCOMM 2020. Moreover, through the help of our sponsors, we are also able to hand out several waivers to those who would be less inclined to attend because of costs. Through those waivers we especially hope to enable those who are underrepresented in the SIGCOMM community to join and experience our conference. As a small token of our appreciation for all the hard work that was done, members of the organising and program committees are also entitled to a waiver.

Please follow the appropriate link below to complete your registration. No restitutions will be provided if you complete a paid registration and apply for a waiver afterwards. The waiver form itself registers all necessary details, and you will therefore not get a coupon of some sort to fill in on the paid registration site. Hence registration is through only one of the following two links.

Paid registration:
The conference costs money to run (even virtual conferences have costs), and if you are able to pay the registration fee ($40 for members, $15 for student members, $80 for non-members, and $30 for student non-members) it would be helpful for us (SIGCOMM is non-profit and every dollar is spent on providing public services, student grants, scholarships, etc.).
Click here for the registration.

If not being able to pay would decrease your likelihood of attending, please fill out the form here. We really want to work with you to help you attend and feel welcome in our community.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact Christian Doerr (with Matthew Caesar in CC). Thank you and we look forward to meeting you at SIGCOMM'21!