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KHIP - A Scalable Protocol for Secure Multicast Routing

Clay Shields and J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
Computer Engineering Department, University of California, Santa Cruz

We present Keyed HIP (KHIP), a secure, hierarchical multicast routing protocol. We show that other shared-tree multicast routing protocols are subject to attacks against the multicast routing infrastructure that can isolate receivers or domains or introduce loops into the structure of the multicast routing tree. KHIP changes the multicast routing model so that only trusted members are able to join the multicast tree. This protects the multicast routing against attacks that could form branches to unauthorized receivers, prevents re-play attacks and limits the effects of flooding attacks. Untrusted routers that are present on the path between trusted routers cannot change the routing and can mount no denial-of-service attack stronger than simply dropping control messages. KHIP also provides a simple mechanism for distributing data encryption keys while adding little overhead to the protocol.

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The referenced paper appears in Computer Communication Review, a publication of ACM SIGCOMM, volume 29, number 4, October 1999.

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