Student Poster Session

SIGCOMM 2001 Student Poster Session

Wireless Networks

A Bandwidth Advisor for Wireless Networks
Glenn Judd and Peter Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon University

Improving Network Utilization in Public-area Wireless Networks
Anand Balachandran (UC San Diego), Paramvir Bahl (Microsoft Research),
Geoff Voelker (UC San Diego)

Multi-Modal Network Protocols
Rajesh Krishna Balan, Srinivasa Aditya Akella, Srinivasan Seshan,
Carnegie Mellon University

Quality of Coverage: A New Concept for Wireless Networks
Hongyi Wu and Chunming Qiao, State University of New York at Buffalo

Ad-hoc & Sensor Networks

ASCENT: Adaptive Self-Configuring sEnsor Networks Topologies
Alberto Cerpa and Deborah Estrin, UCLA

A New Task Based Approach for Supporting Distributed Applications on
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Prithwish Basu, Wang Ke, and Thomas D.C. Little, Boston University

Sensor Network Tomography: Monitoring Wireless Sensor Networks
Jerry Zhao (USC/ISI), Ramesh Govindan (USC/ISI), Deborah Estrin (UCLA)

Routing/Forwarding Architectures

Network Processors - Flexibility and Performance for Next-Generation

Tilman Wolf, Washington University

Resilient Overlay Networks
David G. Andersen, Hari Balakrishnan, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Robert
, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

A Quantitative Evaluation of Traffic-Aware Routing Strategies
Eric J. Anderson, Thomas E. Anderson, Steven D. Gribble, and Anna
R. Karlin
, University of Washington

Scalable Multicast Forwarding
Bjoern Groenvall, Swedish Institute of Computer Science & Lulea Univ.

Congestion Management

Aggregate Congestion Control
Ratul Mahajan (University of Washington) Steve Bellovin (AT&T
Research), Sally Floyd (ACIRI), John Ioannidis (AT&T Research), Vern
(ACIRI), Scott Shenker (ACIRI)

The Impact of False Sharing on Shared Congestion Management
Aditya Akella, Srinivasan Seshan, Carnegie Mellon University

Congestion Control as a building block for QoS
David Harrison, Shiv kalyanaraman and Sthanu Ramakrishnan, RPI

Approximate Fairness Through Differential Dropping
Rong Pan (Stanford University), Lee Breslau (AT&T Research), Balaji
(Stanford University) Scott Shenker (ACIRI)

Network Measurement

Global Network Positioning: A New Approach to Network Distance

T. S. Eugene Ng and Hui Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University

DNS Performance and the Effectiveness of Caching
Jaeyeon Jung, Emil Sit, Hari Balakrishnan, and Robert Morris, MIT
Laboratory for Computer Science

New Directions in Traffic Measurement and Accounting
Cristian Estan and George Varghese, UC San Diego

Network Topology

Network Topologies, Power-Laws, and Hierarchy
Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit, Ramesh Govindan (USC-ISI), Scott Shenker
(ACIRI), Sugih Jamin (University of Michigan), Walter Willinger (AT&T)

On Routing Table Growth
Tian Bu, Lixin Gao and Don Towsley, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Generating Realistic Routing Tables in a Test Lab
Olaf Maennel and Anja Feldmann, University of Saarbruecken

Peer-to-peer Networking

Using the Small-World Model to Improve Freenet Performance
Hui Zhang, Ashish Goel, and Ramesh Govindan, ISI/USC

Enabling Efficient Content Location and Retrieval in Peer-to-Peer
Systems by Exploiting Locality in Interests

Kunwadee Sripanidkulchai, Bruce Maggs, Hui Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University

Tapestry: A fault-tolerant wide-area application infrastructure
Ben Zhao, Anthony Joseph and John Kubiatowicz, UC Berkeley

A Measurement Study of Napster and Gnutella as Examples of
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems

P. Krishna Gummadi, Stefan Saroiu and Steven D. Gribble, University of


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