AUGUST 17-22

Don Towsley wins 2008 ACM SIGCOMM Award

University of Massachusetts-Amherst Professor Don Towsley was awarded the highest honor from ACM SIGCOMM, ACM's Special Interest Group on Data Communications, for his contributions to the modeling, analysis, and control of communication networks in the computer networking field. His research and leadership have helped shape an era of networking research and practice built upon a deeper scientific basis than in the past. Towsley will receive this award and deliver a keynote address at the ACM SIGCOMM annual conference on August 19 in Seattle, WA.

The ACM SIGCOMM Award recognizes lifetime achievement in and contributions to the field of computer networking. It is awarded annually to a person whose work, over the course of his or her career, represents a significant contribution to the field and a substantial influence on the work and perceptions of others in the field. The ACM SIGCOMM Award is presented to Dr. Towsley for contributions to the modeling, analysis, and control of communication networks. Dr. Towsley will receive his award and deliver a keynote address at the ACM SIGCOMM annual conference in Seattle on Tuesday, August 19.

Over a sustained and continuous research career spanning three decades, Towsley, who is Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, has made innovative and pioneering contributions in developing foundational modeling and analysis techniques that have enabled a better understanding of some of the most important aspects of today's computer networks, network protocols and networked applications. His research contributions, embodied in part by a collection of nearly 200 journal papers that he has authored, exhibit great diversity across scientific disciplines and include a staggering list of collaborators. Highlights of his seminal work include the first empirically-validated analytical model of the TCP protocol, foundational work on network tomography to infer internal network behavior based on end-to-end observations with statistical rigor, the use of fluid models and stochastic differential equations to elucidate network performance in the presence of competing sessions, methods to smooth and streamline delivery of multimedia content across the Internet, and key contributions to advance the state of the art in reliable multicast protocol design. His work has had enormous impact, as evidenced by the many subsequent research and implementation efforts that build upon groundwork laid by his findings, as well as by extensive references to his work.

Don is equally well-known for his dedicated, long-standing service to the community. In addition to the dozens of students he has mentored, many of whom have made lasting contributions to the field of their own, and the active encouragement he has provided in collaborations with so many others, he has also organized numerous workshops and symposia, served on editorial boards for top journals and countless technical program committees, and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking journal.

Dr. Towsley is a Fellow of the ACM, a Fellow of the IEEE, and is the recipient of the 2007 IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award, the 2007 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award, and the 1999 IEEE Communications Society William Bennett Award.