Capacity Sharing Workshop @ ACM CoNEXT 2012

December 10, 2012
Nice, France

ACM CoNEXT 2012WorkshopsCapacity SharingProgram

Workshop Program

Time Session Name (Chair), Talk Titel (Speaker), Paper Title (Author)
9:00–9:15 Chair’s welcome (by Dirk Kutscher, NEC)
9:15–10:15 Applying Abstraction for a More Efficient and Fair Network Usage
Keynote by Diego R. Lopez, Telefónica I+D [Abstract and Speaker Short Bio] [Slides]
10:15–10:45 Technical session I - Capacity Sharing Architecture (Session Chair: Gorry Fairhurst, University of Aberdeen)
  • Mercado: Using market principles to drive alternative network service abstractions pdf
  Xu Chen (AT&T Labs, Research), Jeffrey Erman (AT&T Labs, Research), Seungjoon Lee (AT&T Labs, Research), Jacobus Van der Merwe (AT&T Labs, Research)
10:45–11:00 Coffee Break
11:00–12:30 Technical session I - Capacity Sharing Architecture (continued)
  • A First Look at Multi-Access Connectivity For Mobile Networking pdf
  Philipp S. Schmidt (Telekom Innovation Laboratories/TU Berlin), Ruben Merz (Swisscom Strategy & Innovation), Anja Feldmann (Telekom Innovation Laboratories/TU Berlin)
  • On Flow Concurrency in the Internet and its implications for Capacity Sharing pdf [Slides]
  Brian Trammell (ETH Zürich), Dominik Schatzmann (ETH Zürich)
  • AIMD and CCN: past and novel acronyms working together in the Future Internet pdf
  Damien Saucez (INRIA Sophia Antipolis), Luigi Alfredo Grieco (Politecnico di Bari), Chadi Barakat (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
12:30–14:00 Lunch
14:00–15:30 Technical session II - Transport Layer Approaches (Session chair: Mirja Kühlewind, University of Stuttgart, IKR)
  • ConEx Based QoE Feedback to Enhance QoS pdf [Slides]
  Meral Shirazipour (Ericsson Research), Gregory Charlot (Ecole Polytechnique), Geoffrey Lefebvre (Ericsson Research), Suresh Krishnan (Ericsson Research), Samuel Pierre (Ecole Polytechnique)
  • Reducing Server and Network Load with Shared Buffering pdf [Slides]
  Joerg Ott (Helsinki University of Technology), Pasi Sarolahti (Aalto University), Somaya Arianfar (Aalto University)
  • Enhancing TCP Performance to support Variable-Rate Traffic pdf [Slides]
  Arjuna Sathiaseelan (University of Aberdeen), Raffaello Secchi (University of Aberdeen), Gorry Fairhurst (University of Aberdeen), Israfil Biswas (University of Aberdeen)
15:30–16:00 Coffee Break
16:00–16:45 Can Congestion-controlled Interactive Multimedia Traffic Co-exist with TCP?
Invited talk by Colin Perkins, University of Glasgow [Abstract and Speaker Short Bio] [Slides]
16:45–17:45 Technical session III - Application-specific Traffic (Session chair: Brian Trammell, ETH Zürich)
  • Resource Allocation in Underprovisioned Multioverlay Live Video Sharing Services pdf [Slides]
  Jiayi Liu (Telecom Bretagne), Shakeel Ahmad (De Montfort University), Eliya Buyukkaya (Telecom Bretagne), Raouf Hamzaoui (De Montfort University), Gwendal Simon (Telecom Bretagne)
  • Demand Aware Flow Allocation in Data Center Networks pdf
  Dmitriy Kuptsov (HIIT/Aalto University), Boris Nechaev (HIIT/Aalto University), Andrei Gurtov (CWC/University of Oulu)
17:45–18:00 Wrap-up