Accepted Papers

  How Interface ID allocation mechanisms are performed in IPv6
  Qinwen Hu (University of Auckland); Nevil Brownlee (University of Auckland)
  Minimizing Transient Congestion during Network Update in Data Centers
  Jiaqi Zheng (Nanjing University); Hong Xu (City University of Hong Kong); Guihai Chen (Nanjing University); Haipeng Dai (Nanjing University)
  Performance and Fairness Issues in Big Data Transfers
  Se-young Yu (University of Auckland); Nevil Brownlee (University of Auckland); Aniket Mahanti (University of Auckland)
  Expeditus: Distributed Load Balancing with Global Congestion Information in Data Center Networks
  Peng Wang (City University of Hong Kong); Hong Xu (City University of Hong Kong)
  Lightweight Approach to Detect Drive-by Download Attacks Based on File Type Transition
  Yasutaka Shindo (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Satoh Akihiro (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Yutaka Nakamura (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Katsuyoshi Iida (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Profiling Energy Consumption in a Residential Campus
  Ankur Sial (IIIT-D); Abhishek Jain (IIIT-D); Amarjeet Singh (IIIT-D); Aniket.Mahanti (U. Auckland)
  Model Based Black-Box Testing of SDN Applications
  Jiangyuan Yao (Tsinghua University); Zhiliang Wang (Tsinghua University); Xia Yin (Tsinghua University); Xingang Shi (Tsinghua University); Jianping Wu (Tsinghua University); Yahui Li (Jilin University)
  MalwareMonitor: An SDN-based Framework for Securing Large Networks
  Zainab Abaid (UNSW); Mohsen Rezvani (UNSW); Sanjay Jha (UNSW)
  Active Interest Control to Improve Flow Completion Time in Named-Data Networking
  Sugi Lee; Yusung Kim; Younghoon Kim; Ikjun Yeom
  When iPhones Become the Enemy: Diagnosing Device-Specific Anomalies in Cellular Networks
  Mirko Schiavone (FTW); Peter Romirer (FTW); Pierdomenico Fiadino (FTW); Pedro Casas (FTW)
  Building Blocks for an Elastic Mobile Core
  Lirim Osmani (University of Helsinki); Heikki Lindholm (University of Helsinki); Binoy Chemmagate (University of Helsinki); Ashwin Rao (University of Helsinki); Sasu Tarkoma (University of Helsinki); Johanna Heinonen (Nokia Siemens Networks); Hannu Flinck (Nokia Siemens Networks)
  Towards the Era of Wearable Computing?
  Jagmohan Chauhan (UNSW); Anirban Mahanti (NICTA); Mohamed Ali Kaafar (NICTA)
  A Bandwidth Allocation Scheme to Improve Fairness in Data Center Networks
  Yusuke Ito (University of Kitakyushu); Hiroyuki Koga (University of Kitakyushu); Katsuyoshi Iida (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Fast and Flexible Network I/O with CamIO Virtual Devices
  Matthew P. Grosvenor (University of Cambridge); Malte Schwarzkopf (University of Cambridge); Andrew W. Moore (University of Cambridge)
  Location-Based Adaptation for DASH in Vehicular Environment
  Ayub Bokani (University of New South Wales)
  On the Intrusiveness of JavaScript on the Web
  Muhammad Ikram (NICTA); Hassan Asghar (NICTA); Mohamed Ali Kaafar (NICTA); Anirban Mahanthi (NICTA)
  Towards Classifying Third Party Web Services at Scale
  David Gugelmann (ETH Zurich); Bernhard Ager (ETH Zurich); Vincent Lenders (Armasuisse)
  A Novel Strategy for Link Prediction in Social Networks
  Naveen Gupta (PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology); Anurag Singh (PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology)