ACM ICN 2020, Montreal, Canada

7th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2020)

Half-day Tutorial: Fed4FIRE: A federation of testbeds for hands-on experimentation


  • Dr. Brecht Vermeulen

    IDLab iLab

    • Dr. Brecht Vermeulen ( received the M.Sc. and PhD degree in Electro-technical engineering in 1999 and 2004 and has since then the technical responsibility over the [IDLab iLab.t testbed infrastructure]( He also manages the Virtual Wall, GPULab and Industrial IoT Lab, ensuring their readiness and availability for both regional and EU projects including bilateral projects with regional SMEs and Industry. With an extensive experience in testbed development and management, Brecht is technical coordinator of the H2020 Fed4Fire+ project, a European testbed federation effort for future internet research and experimentation. He also supports research projects in the areas of network and server performance, human-robot interaction with social robots and natural language processing.


  • Thijs Walcarius



  • Wim Van de Meerssche




Fed4FIRE is the largest federation of testbeds in Europe and has also a federation with US GENI (instageni and exogeni testbeds) and US Cloudlab. With a single Fed4FIRE account and the jFed tool you can access all those resources. The testbeds come in different flavors, such as: wired networking/SDN/NFV testbeds; wireless networking testbeds; 5G testbeds; IoT testbeds; cloud and bigdata testbeds.

The Fed4FIRE EU project has been building on this federation of testbeds since 2012. The jFed tool has been built by imec/UGent and allows to access all these testbeds from a single tool and with a single account. The tutorial will show the audience how this works and will of course also allow hands-on following by the audience during the tutorial. The tutorial will include an introduction to Information Centric Networking experimentation on these testbeds.