ACM SIGCOMM 2024 Networking Networking Women Event (N2Women’24)

The 14th N2Women event at SIGCOMM’24 aims to foster professional networking among women in computer networking and related research fields in which women are traditionally underrepresented.

Its goal is to:

The workshop welcomes women, but also underrepresented minorities of any gender identity, students, and men who share the same research interests and face the same career hurdles.

EVERYONE is welcome to attend the panel and networking event!

We hope you join us for N2Women event, including panel discussions on careers in networking and mentorship sessions.

N2Women Panel Discussion & Networking

We are delighted to announce our excellent panelists:

Our panelists will share their experiences about how they adapt to a new research environment quickly and establish connections with researchers from different institutions.

Please sign up for the events via this link:

Participation and Travel Grants

N2Women is pleased to provide travel grants to its annual event and encourages participants to apply. The travel grants will be given to applicants who actively participate in the N2Women event by either volunteering for a conference or serving as a mentor. Priority will be given to applicants who are women, under-represented groups in their country of residence, and people with disabilities.

How to apply?

N2Women runs a joint travel-grant applications process with SIGCOMM’24. Please refer to SIGCOMM'24 travel grant page at for information about how to apply, the format of the application, and the selection criteria. Make sure to mention in your application that you are planning to attend N2Women as a mentor or a mentee. You can indicate whether you are contributing to a conference in some way or serving as a mentor/mentee.

N2Women Organizers:


August 7th, 2024 (Wednesday)
3:20pm – 6:00 pm N2Women Light Networking and Panel Discussion
Venue: F7-8