ACM SIGCOMM 2012, August 13-17, 2012, Helsinki, Finland
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Information-Centric Networking (ICN)

Friday, August 17, 2012
Helsinki, Finland
Room: Hall A

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Technical Program


The rapid development of Information-Centric Networking (ICN) concepts in the last few years is one of the significant results from multiple international Future Internet research activities. Based on the ICN concepts, the principal communication paradigm is no longer end-to-end data delivery between hosts as in the current Internet architecture. Instead, ICN-based network architectures focus directly on retrieving information objects securely, reliably, scalably, and efficiently. These architectural design efforts aim to directly address the network challenges that arise from the increasing demand for highly scalable content distribution, from accelerated growths of mobile devices, and from wide deployment of Internet-of-things (IoT).

The resulting network architectures are expected to leverage in-network storage, multiparty communication through replication and interaction models to provide effective and efficient data distribution in the communication services, and to provide effective solutions in securing the network infrastructure as well as user data.

This workshop invites original contributions on Information-Centric Networking architecture topics, specific algorithms and protocols, as well as on results from implementations and experimentation.

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  • Naming and addressing
  • Routing and name resolution
  • Routing and name resolution scalability
  • Support for mobility
  • Support for / avoidance of middle boxes
  • Models and/or compensation schemes for user contribution to network resources (bandwidth, storage for caching, battery, processing, name resolution, etc.)
  • Resource management (caching strategies, congestion control)
  • Security, privacy and trust
  • Testbeds and simulations frameworks
  • Metadata and network extensions
  • Real-time traffic over ICN (voice, video, etc)
  • PDUs, fragmentation and “packet size” implications on design
  • Should ICN be an overlay or an underlay?
  • Performance evaluation
  • Inter-domain operations (protocols, policies, etc.)
  • Limitations of ICNs

Submission Instructions

All submissions must be original work that has not been submitted to any other workshop, conference, or journal. The workshop will accept papers describing completed work as well as work-in-progress and ongoing experiments. Papers describing practical experiments are especially invited. Submissions must be no greater than 6 pages in length and must be in PDF format. Reviews will be single-blind: please include authors name and affiliation in the submission

Submissions must follow the SIGCOMM formatting guidelines that will be posted at at Authors of accepted papers are expected to present their papers at the workshop.

Please submit your papers here:

Email the Organizers

Important Dates

  • Abstract Registration

    March 18, 2012; extension: (extended to March 22,2012)

  • Submissions due

    March 25, 2012; extension: (extended to April 1,2012)

  • Notification of Acceptance

    May 7, 2012

  • Workshop Date

    August 17, 2012


  • Technical Program Chairs
  • Dirk Kutscher

    NEC Laboratories Europe — Germany

  • Börje Ohlman

    Ericsson — Sweden

  • Ignacio Solis

    PARC — USA

  • Steering Committee
  • Dirk Kutscher

    NEC Laboratories Europe — Germany

  • Giacomo Morabito

    University of Catania — Italy

  • Börje Ohlman

    Ericsson — Sweden

  • George C. Polyzos

    AUEB — Greece

  • Ignacio Solis

    PARC — USA

  • Lixia Zhang

    UCLA — USA

  • Technical Program Committee
  • Bengt Ahlgren


  • Hitoshi Asaeda

    Keio University

  • Tohru Asami

    The University of Tokyo

  • Jun Bi

    Tsinghua University

  • Nicola Blefari-Melazzi

    U Rome

  • Giovanna Carofiglio


  • Yanghee Choi

    Seoul Nat. U

  • Dave Clark


  • Costas Courcoubetis


  • Andrea Detti

    U Rome

  • Stephen Farrell

    Trinity College Dublin

  • Volker Hilt


  • Jussi Kangasharju

    Helsinki University

  • Holger Karl

    Universitaet Paderborn

  • Gunnar Karlsson


  • Teemu Koponen


  • Daniel Massey

    Colorado SU

  • Christos Papadopoulos

    Colorado SU

  • George Pavlou


  • Dave Oran


  • Joerg Ott

    Aalto University

  • Max Ott


  • Konstantinos Pentikousis


  • Jarno Rajahalme


  • Thomas Schmidt

    HAW Hamburg

  • Scott Shenker


  • Karen Sollins


  • Sasu Tarkoma

    University of Helsinki

  • Dirk Trossen

    Cambridge Univ.

  • Ryuji Wakikawa

    Toyota ITC

  • Lan Wang

    U Memphis

  • George Xylomenos


  • Tomohiko Yagyu


  • Edmund Yeh

    Yale University

  • Beichuan Zhang

    U Arizona

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