ACM SIGCOMM 2016, Florianópolis, Brazil

Industrial Demos

Technical Program

  • Thursday, August 25, 2016

  • 9:00am - 5:30pm Industrial Demos - Presenters onsite during coffee breaks

    Room: Agata

  • ONOS centralized control over a P4 programmable data plane

    C. Cascone (Open Networking Laboratory), A. Al-Shabibi (Open Networking Laboratory), C. Kim (Barefoot Networks)

  • Tracking Any Packet’s Path and Latency via INT

    C. Kim (Barefoot Networks), J. Lee (Barefoot Networks)

  • Xilinx P4 to NetFPGA SUME compilation flow, demonstrated for PERC congestion control algorithm experiments

    G. Brebner (Xilinx, Inc.), R. Halstead (Xilinx, Inc.), C. Neely (Xilinx, Inc.), S. Ibanez (Stanford University), L. Jose (Stanford University), N. McKeown (Stanford University), M. Alizadeh (MIT)

  • High Performance Service Chaining for Ethernet Transport Networks

    J. Vacaro (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), R. Eichelberger (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), S. Tandel (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), P. Bottorff (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), D. Fedyk (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), S. Banerjee (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), R. Eichelberger (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

  • QoS measurement with Tangram Measures

    B. Rafaeli (TGR / UFRJ), C. Junior (TGR), C. Gonçalves (TGR / UFRJ), D. Ximenes (TGR / UFRJ), G. Mendonça (TGR), G. Bruno (TGR), G. Sengès (TGR / UFRJ), G. Thurler (TGR / UFRJ), G. Santos (TGR), K. Almeida (TGR), E. Silva (UFRJ)

  • VNF and µVNF chaining with in-band network telemetry for servers equipped with P4 / C programmable SmartNICs

    D. George (Netronome Systems, Inc.), J. Tönsing (Netronome Systems, Inc.)