ACM eEnergy 2017, May 17-19, 2017, Hong Kong
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Useful Apps for Transportation

KMB Search: “KMB &LW” in ITunes/App Store
KMB & LW Smartphone App helps you to get hold of all KMB & Long Win bus route information every time and everywhere- route search, bus stop locations, bus fares, timetable & frequency, etc.
MTR Search: “MTR mobile” in ITunes/App Store
MTR mobile app searches for your route along the MTR simply by tapping on the MTR route map and choose your starting location and desired destination. Fare information, recommended routing, shortest traveling time, interchange, first/last train schedule, station services and etc.
KMB Search: “City bus & New World First Bus” in ITunes/App Store
City bus & New World First Bus searches for all nearby City bus and New World First bus routes, and navigate you to the bus stops you desire.

Other Useful Apps

CUHK Search: “CUHK mobile” in ITunes/App Store
CUHK mobile provides Shuttle bus time table and Campus Map showing your current location and facilities nearby, Campus photos in the Gallery, Videos about CUHK (or from this page)
Myobservatory Search: “Myobservatory” in ITunes/App Store
The app provides personalized weather services, thereby allowing users to obtain the latest weather information specific to their locations. It also comes along with 7-day forecast, forecast track for tropical cyclones, world major city forecasts, imageries for radar, satellite, lightning locations, etc.
Island Walk Search: “Discover Hong Kong • Island Walks” in ITunes/App Store
Do you want to discover a very different Hong Kong? A place with sleepy temples, rustic villages, quirky festivals and rugged coastlines. Do you want to see it your way, plan a trip with friends, see what others don’t and share your experiences? If the answer is yes, this is the app you need.
OpenRice Search: “OpenRice Hong Kong” in ITunes/App Store OpenRice is Hong Kong’s Most Popular Dining Guide. It includes Comprehensive information with restaurants and reviews , it allow search for restaurants by using keyword, cuisine, district, type of restaurants, price range and other special features.
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