Airport Arrival Assistance

Dear SIGCOMM 2010 Registrant,

As we mentioned in the "Airport Assistance" form that many of you filled in, ACM SIGCOMM 2010 will provide a "best-effort" service for airport assistance, especially to international attendees arriving during late hours on days when we expect many attendees to arrive. This will be provided at the International Arrivals Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in New Delhi. Our assistance is to greet you upon arrival and directing you to:

  1. the point of pickup for a reservation made in advance with the Le Méridien hotel (complimentary to some who have made advanced reservations)
  2. a reasonable pre-paid taxi counter inside the Arrivals Hall in the terminal.
Please note that we are NOT offering to pay for or arrange their transfer to you to the hotels, but to help you to navigate the process so that your visit is easy, to the extent possible. Given the magnitude of the task, this is a best effort service to meet and greet the bulk of the attendees arriving late on the high-traffic days. We would NOT be able to cover all interested attendees or all contingencies (e.g., a much delayed flight, missed flight, etc.).

The Dates, Times and Place where our volunteers will be positioned to help are as follows:

After picking up your baggage and pass through customs, you will enter a smaller arrivals hall with a barrier beyond which people can stand to receive arriving passengers. We will have a volunteer wearing a Yellow SIGCOMM 2010 Volunteer T-shirt with a placard sign stating "ACM SIGCOMM 2010 Airport Assistance".

If you have an advanced reservation (as per 1 above), please let the volunteer know and he will guide you to the point outside where a driver will be standing with your name on a placard (and our additional volunteer) to pick you up and take you by your assigned car.

For the second option, the prepaid taxi counters are at the very left end of arrivals hall. The volunteer will direct you to go to the prepaid taxi counter of "Carz on Rent" (cars @pillar #15, outside) or "Meru" (cars @pillar # 8, outside) where you can book a pre-paid taxi to your hotel (either cash or credit card). The arrangement for the taxi (paying for the taxi) is the participant's responsibility.

It would be advisable for attendees to travel in pairs or triples, if you find people you know attending the conference arriving with you at the same time. The volunteers may use their knowledge of the location of the destination(s) to help participants team up for the taxi rides to the extent possible. When you go out of the terminal (REMEMBER - you cannot come back in easily!) you will also likely see the other volunteer (wearing the Yellow T-shirt and carrying the same sign) to help connect you with your driver. Retain your boarding pass to help if you absolutely have to come back to the arrival hall at the airport.

Please remember to change some money at the airport, if you need to.

We also have a senior person as a volunteer who will be available by phone to help you out with more complex situations as needed in the night. The volunteers will also help you contact him, when needed. The person is: Mr. Raj Sharma; His cell phone number is: +91 981 8640 320


Contact SIGCOMM Local Chairs at: sigcomm2010local AT