Camera-Ready Instructions

September 29, 2021 is the camera-ready deadline for all accepted papers (full and short). Before that date, you need to do the following:

  1. Address all reviewer comments, revise your paper, and get approval from your shepherd.
  2. Fill out copyright form.
  3. Format your paper with the most recent ACM template, and add bibliographic and copyright strip.
  4. Upload the camera-ready version, including source files of the paper text and auxiliary material, to HotCRP.

Please note that as a published ACM author, you and your co-authors are subject to all ACM Publications Policies, including ACM’s new Publications Policy on Research Involving Human Participants and Subjects.

A note on auxiliary material

ACM IMC 2021 promotes reproducible research and highly encourages you to submit auxiliary material. ACM calls extra files which are not reviewed as part of the submitted paper but which an author supplies as an additional resource for the reader “Auxiliary Materials” (e.g., data sets or source code). ACM will not take copyright to Auxiliary Material which is not reviewed and is not part of the formally published work. But ACM still needs permission from the owner to serve Auxiliary Materials and an agreement that the author is abiding by ACM terms when supplying the non-reviewed Auxiliary Material. Checking Part II of the form and saying YES to the terms grants ACM permission to serve the Auxiliary Materials.

Auxiliary material should not exceed 100MB. If your data is larger, please put an example and a link to the full dataset.

Note that IMC 2021 does not take supplements, as those require explicit review.

Revise the paper

Complete rights management form

Format paper

Submit camera-ready version


If you have any questions about the camera-ready process, feel free to contact ACM IMC 2021 publication chair Rachee Singh.