About the venue

ACM IMC 2021 will be fully hosted online on the HopIn platform. Once you register for the conference, you will receive a link to the event on HopIn; you will need to create a (free) account there to join the conference. Hopin provides in-browser audio/video, along with mechanisms for chats, individual sessions, etc, so you will not need to download any other software. Once you have signed up, you will have full access to the IMC conference dashboard. This lists the agenda; note, that you will only be able to click and join sessions when they are running. All Q&A, chat and interactions will take place via HopIn.

If you run into any difficulty while trying to access or use Hopin, please do not hesitate to contact Gareth Tyson (g.tyson@qmul.ac.uk) and Ignacio Castro (i.castro@qmul.ac.uk), our Online Experience Chairs. Any tech queries you have can also be sent to #imc2021-tech-support on the SIGCOMM Slack Workspace. This channel will be staffed throughout the conference.