Public Transport Card

We have arranged for free 5-day public transport chip cards (“OV chipkaart”) for all IMC attendees from outside The Netherlands. These cards are valid on all buses, trams and metros operated by Amsterdam’s public transport company “GVB”. On this page we provide more information on where you can pick up your card on how to use it.

You have received an e-mail from the general chairs if a card has been reserved for you.

Note: we will not assign cards to Dutch residents, if you are a Dutch resident, we ask you to use your own card for travel.

Picking up your card (weekend)

Cards are available for pickup on Saturday October 19 and Sunday October 20 from the service point at Amsterdam Centraal railway station. The cards are in an envelope with your name on it, if you have received an e-mail from us that a card is available for you, you can pick it up by just stating your name.

The map below shows where the pickup point is at Amsterdam Centraal, in the red square (no. 32 on the map). You can also consult the full map of the station on the website of the Dutch national railways NS. The pickup point is called “Service Point Amsterdam CS”. This shop should not be confused with the public transport information point in the adjoining unit.

Picking up your card (during the conference)

From Monday October 21st, cards will be available from the registration desk at the venue. If you have not picked up your card, you can pick it up when you collect your badge at the registration desk.

How to use your card

It is important to note that your card is only valid on buses, trams and metros of Amsterdam’s public transport company “GVB”. This means all metro lines, trams and the buses in blue livery with the “GVB” logo on the side (the logo is also displayed on your card).

The Dutch public transport system requires you to check in and check out of every mode of transport. You can do this by holding your card against the reader on the bus or tram, or by holding it against the reader on the ticket gate turnstile in the metro. Your card is valid for exactly 5 days after first use. A picture of the card is shown below:

Not using your card, or need an extra card?

If you do not plan to use your card, could you please let us know as soon as possible? We will make unused cards available to IMC attendees travelling with their friends or family.

Are you travelling with friends or family? Please let us know, and we will contact you as soon as spare cards become available.